Peacock Blue & Green {Inspiration Board}

We haven’t done one of our color pallet inspiration boards for a while so we thought it was about time! One of our readers, Katie, contacted us and needed a little help with her color pallet. This is what she had to say:

“I absolutely LOVE this site:) So many fun ideas…With that being said, I need your expert advice on my color palette. I just got engaged, and had always envisioned my colors to be navy and green. The issue is that my fiance wants to wear a black tux, and only wants green in the flowers. Any advice on color schemes?? Thanks! – Katie”

Well Katie, we love Navy and Green! In fact we did a stunning little board a while back using those colors! Check it out and maybe you can convince your man that navy suits might actually look very nice! If he’s stuck on wearing a black suit or tux then we thought that the navy might  not have enough contrast next to the black… so our solution?! Change the shade of blue up a bit and go with a slightly brighter peacock blue! I LOVE this color right now and it compliments black and green perfectly! You don’t actually have to do a “peacock” theme for your wedding, you can just use that shade of blue! To add a little color to the tuxes, the men can wear green or peacock blue ties. If that is a little to much, they can still wear a black tie and bring in some color with a green boutonniere. These color combos would be perfect for a winter, spring or summer wedding! Have fun with different shades of blue or green! Thanks for the question Katie… hope this inspires you!


{Purse, Sequined Peacock, Flower arrangement, Save the Date, Bridesmaids Bouquets, Shoes, Tux, Cake}

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4 Responses to Peacock Blue & Green {Inspiration Board}

  1. I love the save the date card!

  2. Lexi says:

    Ooh! Fun colors.

  3. I am completely entranced! This is the color I swear flows through my veins…

  4. Sandy says:

    My daughter is trying to find peacock blue shoes to wear for her wedding. No luck yet. Any suggestions?

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