2015 Spring Editorial | Film

01 16 2015

Today we have the perfect Friday fix for you! Nathan Pickett Films joined our team at the Washington School House and we are ready to premier the film he created from his day spent with us! Film is fast becoming a common form of documentation, Nate does more than document though, the final work feels more like a 5 star award winning preview of an intriguing movie! Who would not want this guy at their wedding?! It is a fantastic culmination of all the inspiration and visual beauty we have shared with you throughout this week! Don’t fret though, when the film is over you can come back and watch it again and again AND we are not finished showing you all the beauty that came from this shoot! We have more beauty and advice to share with you next week! {Got to hone in on those amazing florals by Flower Afternoon!}

It’s time to groove to a great tune and watch the magic that happened at this editorial unfold on film!

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2015 Spring Editorial | Food

01 15 2015

What is a better way to celebrate a union between a bride and groom than partaking in not only delicious, but beautiful food?! We continue our spring editorial feature this week with a closer look at the beautiful culinary presentations created by the team at Mood Events as well as a the chefs at Washington School House. Amazing images captured by Mikki Platt.0001
We start off our wedding weekend with the wedding food itself! After the ceremony the guests are served a beautiful salad followed by a delicious taste of either Filet Mignon or Chilean Sea Bass. And of course, we had to take another look at our gorgeous wedding cake and desserts by Pippa Bakery!
0002 0004 0003 0005
0009After a night full of celebrating, your guests would love nothing more than a morning after celebration with brunch and tea provided! This gorgeous brunch bar has everything from the savory to the sweet complete with mimosas!
0010 0022 0021 0020 0019 0018 0017 0016 0015 0014 0013 0012 0011
The weekend has the perfect end with this idyllic fresh and dried herb tea bar!0023 0024 0025 0026 0027

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Spring 2015 Editorial | Ceremony + Reception

01 14 2015

We love the fashion and we love the food but what we really love is the decor details at a wedding celebration. And boy oh boy to we have tons of amazing inspiration for you to feast your eyes on today created by the team at Mood Events for our Spring Editorial feature!

Selecting a venue space like the beautiful Washington School House gives your guests a very intimate experience for the entire wedding weekend. If you are working with smaller gathering spaces at your venue you can utilize those spaces by overlapping your settings. Hold your ceremony and reception in the same space but decorate them completely different from each other to make them special in their own way.

Create the perfect ethereal and intimate setting by draping light and airy chiffon fabric on either side of the space, making a “room” specific for your ceremony. We love the way the delicate vines subtly climbed the chiffon panels, while the mantle and hearth of the fireplace exuded warmth and lush beauty by way of candlelight and gorgeous soft blooms and foliage.

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony1 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony3 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony4bUtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony2 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony5 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony6

For a more intimate and personal reception area, design your tables with a cohesive yet slightly varied look instead of perfectly matching place settings. You can do this by using different tables and linens, plate styles, floral arrangements and tablescape décor. Keeping elements the same on each table, while switching up the linen and floral décor will a achieve a varied look, while ensuring the overall design and feel of the space remain connected.

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception1 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception2 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception3 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception4 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception9 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception10 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception11 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception16 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception5 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception6 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception15 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception7 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception8 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception13 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception12 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception14 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception17

No celebration would be complete with out some cake! And for this celebration it was all about the presentation of the cake! Don’t only think of your cake design, but think how it can be displayed to add to your decor elements at your event. Create a back drop to showcase your stunning cake by using vines and florals for framing. We can’t stop swooning over this eye catching cake designed by Pippa Cakery and it just so happens to be one of our favorite details from this entire wedding! A simply gorgeous white cake and be transformed into an overgrown garden by adding fresh flowers at the base of each tier as if they are growing out of the cake. Something that pretty might just be to hard to eat!

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingCake1 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingCake4 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingCake2 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingCake3 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception18

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Spring 2015 Editorial | Beauty + Fashion

01 13 2015

With a full weekend of wedding activities and celebrations you better believe there will be lots of fashion! End we love the fashion! From the welcome party greeting your family and friends to the ceremony and celebration to the Sunday brunch + farewell, we’ve got you covered from head to toe!

For your welcome look keep it simple and classic. We love the look of a elegant and stylish little white dress that says it’s wedding time but is also casual enough for drinks with your guests. You kind find great dresses like this from Nordstrom, Zara and J.Crew! For Spring pair with a great nude or colored shoe!

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion1 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion5 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion6 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion4 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion2 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion3

This Spring bridal look calls for something romantic and soft. For the hair, a messy side fishtail braid is designed specifically for texture and structure. The side swept bang softenes the overall look and the loose ends give it that done yet undone feel. For the makeup, a natural full brow, soft black lash line and candy colored lips that pop, will keep you looking fresh and vibrant. The key to this stunning look is to keep the makeup defined but not overly heavy. Hair by Cynthia Dean and makeup by Lesley Lind of Enizio.

We are loving everything flowy this season including bridal gowns! This champagne gown designed by Maggie Sottero Couture is available at The Brides’ Shop. It’s the perfect statement piece with a beautiful sheer + lace bodice! Jewelry from J. Brooks.

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion14 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion16 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion15 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion17 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion18 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion19 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion20 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion21

When grooms shy away from black, most often they turn to grey. It’s safe, neutral, and absolutely classic. Which is why we love it + always works with every color theme. The lighter the grey, the less formal. The darker, and closer to black, the more formal. You can’t go wrong with grey this Spring and we sure love a great bowtie for a dashing gent! Custom suit available at Beckett & Robb.

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion22 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion23 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion24 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion25 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion26

Your big day is over but the celebrating is far from over! For your morning after brunch party think comfy cute! Pull your hair up in a sleek pony tail to keep things easy and add a bright lip for a fresh rejuvenated look! For your attire we love a feminine blouse paired with a flirty skirt! And for your man think a floral or fun patterend tie paired with a colored suit jacket and nice slacks. You two will for sure be the cutest couple at breakfast!

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion13 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion7 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion8 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion9 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion10 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion11 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Fashion12

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Spring 2015 Editorial

01 12 2015

It has been a great start to 2015 here at UBB, we have received such a warm response to our new online magazine and all the new aesthetic changes here on the blog, thank you for sharing with us and for being such big fans! While we are shaking up how we do things here at UBB some things will remain the same and one of those things is our editorial feature posts. Our new mag will host a core feature in every issue and that feature can also be found here on the blog for a more in depth look with a little tradition behind it! This week we take you inside our core feature with a beautiful look at a spring wedding weekend in Park City at The Washington School House with UBB and Mood Events, and photography by Mikki Platt.

We had a big team of vendors and so many good people on site, we think it is safe to say that not a single one of us wanted to leave the school house! The word luxurious could describe the school house accurately but not fairly, its far more than just mere luxury! Originally built in 1889 as a school this gem is now a boutique hotel with the best kind of accommodations one could ever imagine for a weekend wedding! Not just luxurious it is also very comfortable and the staff is incredibly kind and accommodating. Filled with beautiful suites and one incredible presidential suite it really is the perfect place to host all your guests, recite your vows, and begin your honeymoon!

Today we are taking you through just a glimpse of the editorial, there is so much to come throughout the week from this amazing team, and so our wedding weekend begins with an editorial overview and closer look at the venue and the guest welcome!

spring15 spring3 spring4 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingInvitations2 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingInvitations1 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingInvitations3 spring1 spring5 spring6 spring2 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WelcomeBasket

Mood Events commentary about how to plan a wedding weekend, how to find the perfect venue, and to begin things off right how to welcome your guests for a wedding weekend:

Making your wedding your own is more than just selecting a unique color palette. It is all about you as a couple – your likes, your experiences with one another, your love. No matter what your style or your budget, offering your guests an experience that is the truest reflection of you as a couple will make the most lasting impression on your family and friends.

Planning a wedding weekend is one way to make a lasting impression on your friends and family that they are sure to never forget. And while it may sound like a daunting task to plan a wedding, let alone an entire weekend, there are many benefits to planning a wedding weekend that can ease your stress leading up to the big day.
Consider the following:

Find a venue and/or location that provides accommodations, in-house catering services for group functions and individual dining requests, coordination and recommendations for activities and sightseeing, and close proximity to local attractions.

Keeping your guest count small and manageable ensures that you have less guests to worry about, and more opportunities to celebrate with those who mean the most to you. Lower guests counts are also one way to keep costs down as the total volume of your expenses increase as your guests count also increases.

Also, finding the right venue and location can reduce the number of vendors you need to research and hire, as they often times can function as a one-stop-shop alternative. The venue can serve as your ceremony and reception venue, hotel accommodations for you and your guests, caterer for all of your wedding activities, and personal concierge for individual or group activities you’d like to plan or offer to your guests.

Choosing a venue that is also close in proximity to local activities and attractions, means that guests can explore the local sights nearby relatively easily, and all on their own time. This reduces the amount of activities you would need to “plan” for your guests, and also gives you the opportunity to take the festivities away from the venue and have your guests enjoy a rehearsal dinner or welcome cocktail party at a local restaurant or pub nearby.

Planning a wedding weekend is all about giving your guests an overall experience. But make sure not to over-plan the entire weekend. Plan just enough events to keep your guests entertained and feeling like it’s a wedding weekend, without restricting them to a hard-lined schedule. Also, be sure that all of the activities you plan do not overshadow the most important events of the entire wedding weekend: your ceremony and reception.

Set the mood and tone for your wedding by welcoming your guests with a champagne tower as soon as they arrive! This will immediately let them know that the festivities have begun. Coordinate with the hotel to personalize aspects of the check-in process to make it smooth, easy and also personalized to your wedding weekend. Here we presented our guests’ room keys on a silver platter with their names on the front of each card – similar to an escort card. Guests simply find their name and room number and head directly to their suite.

As guests enter their suites, a welcome basket is a beautiful way to say thank you to your guests and let them know how much you appreciate them spending your wedding weekend with you. Fill the basket with simple treats and goodies, a map and activities guide of the local area, fun accessories for their explorations out and about, and of course, an itinerary of the entire wedding weekend.

Enjoy a little peak at what is to come the rest of this week!



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Flower Friday: Timeless Sophistication

01 09 2015

We have a timeless piece of wedding work to share with you today, inspiration created by a team of vendors in a timeless style that reminds us a bit of times gone past and yet still remains relevant and beautiful today! The florals in this shoot really make it that much more inspiring and clearly are a focal feature, so we thought why not share this with you on flower Friday!

Rachel Osguthorupe with Jolley’s Gift & Floral created these timeless masterpieces and Emmy Lowe Photo shot this magic at This Is The Place!

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Downtown Engagements {Austin & Ruby}

01 08 2015

This darling couple has a love story for the ages and you have to hear their engagement story! We adore their photos by Kailey Rae Photography! The city look is the best for these wintery days we are having!
“On November 1, 2014, I thought Austin was going to propose to me. He took me on a hike, which I love, and took out his phone to get a video recording of us. The first thought to run through my mind was, “Oh my gosh. Here it is! He’s going to propose and catch it on film!”. He set his phone down, still recording us, walked over to me, knelt down, and told me to smile for the camera. I was kinda bummed. I really thought he was going to propose. Driving down from our hike, he pulled off the road to this dam/little lake that I’d been wanting to go to. We got out, and he walked me over to the dock. On the dock, it was set up to look like the living room from the movie “Up”. Balloons were tied to the dock. We walked over to the chairs, and sitting on it was a photo album titled “Our Adventure Book”. Flipping through the album, there were photos from the very beginning of our relationship all the way to some of our most recent photos. I flipped through and found a blank page. He said, “I’m ready to create more adventures together,” he got down on his knee and asked, “Ruby-Elizabeth, will you marry me?”. I was crying too hard to say yes and just hugged him. It was easily the best day ever. ”
0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011 0012 0013

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Utah Bride Blog the Magazine!

01 06 2015

We are so excited to finally announce + launch our long awaited digital magazine! We’ve been working hard on it for several months and the time has finally come to show it off! This is issue is filled with beautiful local weddings to inspire your big day, a wedding weekend feature packed with tons of great ideas and tips on how to plan a successful wedding weekend with your guests, Spring fashion for the bride and the groom, stunning bouquets and so much more! We invite you to flip thru the pages of our Spring 2015 Issue and let us know what you think!


A Huge thank you to all the amazing vendors who help participate in our first issue! We can’t thank you enough for sharing your talents with us and making this the best guide for local brides!

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Fun Winter Engagements {Matt & Liz}

01 05 2015

With the winter weather being so cold, it’s hard to come up with fun ideas for engagement sessions, but these two nailed it! We love the cute props they used and the pictures of them in the carousel! Lori Romney used her beautiful talent to capture these two in love, and the pictures couldn’t be more perfect!

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Best of 2014: Florals

01 02 2015

Okay, I (Morgan) got the honor of choosing my favorite florals from this past year and I am thrilled to share! Let me just say, wow, 2014 brought so many floral trends that changed the game of wedding flowers. Brides have just blown me away, from spectacular bouquets to beautiful flower crowns to fun boutonnieres to gorgeous swags of flowers. This wedding I chose, planned by Leslie Dawn Events and captured by Megan Robinson features some of my favorite flower trends this year.  This Southwest styled wedding debuts rich citrus flowers and tons of gorgeous greens. I love the trend of a not-so-perfect and round bouquet, I love the organic feel.  And I absolutely adore the swags of flowers around the horses necks, I would wear those if I could too.  Ck Blooms outdid themselves with these flowers!

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