Thanksgiving Point Wedding {Lexi + Cam}

04 08 2015
We love this sweet couple’s wedding shot by, Stephanie Sunderland Photography! Lexi and Cam are a match made in heaven, you can tell how in love they are in every moment. Their reception was held at Thanksgiving Point and every detail turned out beautifully. The beautiful flowers were done by the talented Milli Garrett  and the amazing gown is from The Perfect Dress. 
cam_lexi-1          cam_lexi-10 cam_lexi-11    cam_lexi-15 cam_lexi-16   cam_lexi-19   cam_lexi-22   cam_lexi-25     cam_lexi-28  cam_lexi-30  cam_lexi-33        cam_lexi-41  cam_lexi-43     cam_lexi-48  cam_lexi-50 cam_lexi-51        cam_lexi-59 cam_lexi-60  cam_lexi-64      cam_lexi-70       cam_lexi-77 cam_lexi-78     cam_lexi-82     cam_lexi-87 cam_lexi-90 cam_lexi-91 cam_lexi-92 cam_lexi-93       cam_lexi-100    cam_lexi-104     cam_lexi-109  cam_lexi-111     cam_lexi-116    cam_lexi-120  cam_lexi-121BW    cam_lexi-124     cam_lexi-129  cam_lexi-131   cam_lexi-134                 cam_lexi-150 cam_lexi-151    cam_lexi-154
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Lakeside Bridals

04 07 2015
We love this classic bridal session! This shoot was styled by the wonderful photographer, Megan Robinson, and the talented florist, Amber Reverie. The duo kept this bridal session pretty simple by focusing on the bride and the beautiful scenery, and we could not love it more!

lakeside_18 lakesidebridalinspiration_03 lakesidebridalinspiration_04 lakesidebridalinspiration_05 lakesidebridalinspiration_06 lakesidebridalinspiration_07 lakesidebridalinspiration_08 lakesidebridalinspiration_09 lakesidebridalinspiration_11 lakesidebridalinspiration_12 lakesidebridalinspiration_14 lakesidebridalinspiration_16 lakesidebridalinspiration_18 lakesidebridalinspiration_19 lakesidebridalinspiration_20 lakesidebridalinspiration_21 lakesidebridalinspiration_22 lakesidebridalinspiration_23 lakesidebridalinspiration_24 lakesidebridalinspiration_25 lakesidebridalinspiration_26 lakesidebridalinspiration_27 lakesidebridalinspiration_28 lakesidebridalinspiration_29 lakesidebridalinspiration_30 lakesidebridalinspiration_31 lakesidebridalinspiration_32 ls26

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Fashion Friday: Men’s Fashion

04 03 2015

We don’t focus in on the boys much on UBB, after all the name of this blog is Utah BRIDE Blog, but that does not mean the gents are not important, they are ….. without them you wouldn’t be on here dreaming and scheming about your big day! Mens wedding fashion has come a long way in the recent years and with the addition of some local custom designers great groomal fashion is so very accessible. Today we are showing you four amazing looks styled and designed by the great guys at Beckett & Robb from our most current mag issue and editorial feature shot by Mikki Platt.


This dreamy more casual style is perfect for spring and summer and could be the perfect rehearsal dinner, weekend arrival, or honeymoon departure fashion.

MF1mf2We cannot say enough about the color gray, it could be the perfect grooms fashion color choice for the entire year! When your gent is steering away from black, gray is a sure bet with a classic, safe, neutral, and timeless qualities. It works with so many color schemes as well. Want to go more classic and formal head into a darker shade, want something more casual and informal head into the lighter shades! Our groom in his Beckett & Robb suit and bow tie was the definition of dapper.


Maybe you want a little color on your gent?! If that is the case we have some in style and in season selections from Beckett & Robb to inspire you!



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Boho Bridal Inspiration

04 02 2015

There aren’t many things that are more gorgeous than a bride in a garden with a beautiful bouquet! These boho bridal inspiration pictures photographed by Kailey Rae Photography sure leave our jaws dropped! Plus how gorgeous is that dress? We hope to see more barefoot brides with the upcoming warm weather!

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Scotshaven Wedding {Brooke + Scott}

04 01 2015

This is one beautiful couple, Brooke and Scott, with a stunner of a wedding.  Lindsey Orton from Lindsey Orton Photography blew us away with this gorgeous wedding. Every shot taken is pure magic.  We are in love with their color scheme and every detail. This gets us so excited for the wedding season we have ahead of us!

0002 0003 0004 0005 0007 0008 00090011 0012 0013 00140016 0017 0018 0019 0020 0021 0022 0023 0024 0025 0026 0027 0028 0029 0030003100320033003400350036003700380039004000420043004400450046004700480050005100520054005500560057

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Summer Formals {Kim + Alex}

03 31 2015

Meet this gorgeous couple, Kim and Alex. We love the way their love was captured in this Summer formal session. Lindsey Stewart, of Green Apple Photography  did a wonderful job catching their love on camera. Kim’s dress was custom made for her by Michelle Golightly and the gorgeous flowers were done by Lizy’s Lillies.

674_Film_1002 674_Film_1003bw 674_Film_1009 674_Film_1013 694_0016 694_0021 694_0032 694_0042 694_0051 694_0058 694_0070 694_0072-2 694_0081 694_0097 694_0104 694_0110 694_0116 694_0124 694_0141-2 694_0145 694_0153 694_0156 694_0160 694_0174 694_0182 694_0208 694_0186

Dress: Custom made, Michelle Golightly (no website)

Suit: Zara

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Garden Engagements {Graden & Kaylen}

03 30 2015

We loved these garden engagements photographed by Cory Devenney. The first half of the pictures were taken up Big Cottonwood canyon and the second half was taken at the beautiful La Caille restaurant in Sandy! Sometimes it’s hard to find a little bit of color in the early spring months, but Cory pulled these off very well! We love the light pink dress that Kaylen is wearing! And Graden looks so sharp in his outfit! We are so fortunate to have so many breathtaking views in Utah!

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Flower Friday: A Blooms & Blossoms Bouquet

03 27 2015


It’s the last Friday of the month and we are feeling good here at UBB! Sending you off for a spectacular spring weekend with this gorgeous bouquet from one of our preferred florists Kelli with Blooms & Blossoms and her thoughts on the bridal bouquet! Thanks to Lindsey Orton Photography.


Bridal bouquets are my absolute favorite floral piece to create so when I was presented with the opportunity to design an arrangement for Utah Bride Blog I naturally chose to design a bouquet.

In my opinion I think the bouquet is the most important design element of the entire wedding. It’s a beautiful statement piece to compliment the bride and the dress. And, actually, an entire wedding can be designed around the bride’s bouquet.

I always start my consultations discussing the wedding bouquet. The flowers, style and feel of the bouquet are all important factors when coming up with a design. There are many things to consider when choosing flowers. Do you want large, lush blooms, blooms with a high petal count? Do you want a lot of texture or do you want something sweet and simple? It’s also important to keep your wedding dress in mind. You want your flowers to compliment your dress, not compete with it.

Whether your budget for flowers is big or small I always recommend not skimping on the bouquet. Every guest will see you with your bouquet. It will appear in several if not most of your wedding photos that you will look back on for years to come.

When you meet with your floral designer bring ideas to help them see your vision and then let them use their expertise and experience in helping you find the perfect blooms.


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Volkswagen Bus Engagements

03 26 2015

There’s nothing we love more than retro chic and this couple helped take it to the next level. We feel like we stepped on set of a fun movie set and these two are the stars! Ashlee Brooke Photography captured these two gallivanting around in their Volkswagen Bus adorned with gorgeous flowers by Jolley’s Gift and Floral! Feast your eyes on these lovely images!

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Deer Valley Wedding {Monica + Biss}

03 25 2015

This is just the dreamiest wedding we have going on here! We love seeing couple’s personalities really shine through in their weddings; whether that be through the dress, the location, the hair, the flowers, or the food choices, we love in the end how the wedding just fits the couple.  This is so true for Monica and Biss, they are the loveliest pair and enjoy each moment of their wedding day.  Alixann Loosle did an incredible job with this beautiful couple and their beautiful wedding. We are in love with their color scheme and every detail!

 IMG_0643 copy    IMG_0519 copy    IMG_0466 copy  IMG_0457 copy IMG_0438 copy  IMG_0429 copy    IMG_0398 copy   IMG_0378 copy    IMG_0313 copy    IMG_0261 copy      IMG_0197 copy             IMG_0075 copy  IMG_0036 copy IMG_0018 copy IMG_0015 copyIMG_0670 copyIMG_0679 copyIMG_0687 copyIMG_0728 copyIMG_0743 copyIMG_0794 copyIMG_0808 copyIMG_0857 copyIMG_0961 copyIMG_0988 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_1040 copyIMG_1043 copyIMG_1051 copyIMG_1079 copy

IMG_1324 copyIMG_1123 copyIMG_1133 copyIMG_1153 copyIMG_1168 copyIMG_1178 copyIMG_1285 copyIMG_1287 copyIMG_1304 copyIMG_1322 copy

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