Happy Valentines Day: Kimber & Craig

Sweet Memory Garden photographed this ever-so-sweet engagement shoot. Kimber makes one gorgeous cupid! And Craig is clearly captured! Valentines day is about love and the celebration thereof so we wanted to bring you something extra lovely and magical to rest your eyes on and a tid bit of advice from the two of us married veterans here at UBB on keeping the romance alive!

Megan has been married to Josh for nearly 7 years, they have a beautiful boy and another on the way. Her advice … Pick your battles! Not everything is really worth fighting over so keep the big picture in perspective. Life can be really busy and for me it is no exception, sometimes alone time has to be scheduled or blocked out to get enough of it in to keep things strong, don’t be afraid to be a relationship secretary!

Audrey has been married to Nate for nearly 14 years! They have 4 gorgeous kids, her advice …. Marriage is hard, and is constant work. Remember that and try not to become complacent or things will slip through cracks and potentially begin to unravel. Intimacy and alone time are crucial, like Meg said sometimes it it even needs to be scheduled. For us we are so busy with the demanding schedules of our careers, 3 very athletic kids, and a new baby, that it has become more important to focus on quality over quantity and then that quality goes far and gets us through to our next intimate opportunity.

We trust that you will have a romantic and memorable Love day and wish you all the best! After all cupids arrow has already snagged you!

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  1. Rachel Tatem says:

    What a beautiful session, I love the use of the wings and I am always a huge fan of suspenders!

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