Flower Friday: British Influence

We recently found Erin’s amazing bouquet created by the talented Mrs. Vicki Younker of Ella Bella Floral {northern Utah floral extraordinaire} and couldn’t resist asking if we could feature it. Today’s post is simple, but intriguing. Vicki so eloquently shares with us a few thoughts about recent British influence on wedding trends as well as wedding simplification in the style of elopement.

All you need is LOVE

When the Beatles shared their iconic song in 1967 during the summer of love, the world went mad about all things British. Last year we renewed our obsession with our English cousins… this time inspired by a Prince and his fair Lady. The Royals have definitely made an impression on us commoners and we can’t seem to resist being caught up in their hullabaloo but there is nothing common about wedding trends for 2012. You may have noted Kate’s modest sized bouquet but don’t be fooled by it’s petite-ness. Her ladyship’s posy packed a hefty handful of Lily of the Valley. Notoriously expensive, these delicate ivory bell shaped flowers add feminine pretty in all it’s loveliness.

Specialty blooms… a nice way of saying “pricey”, are featuring front and center in the return to the Romantic. Brides are asking for papery blooms that look freshly picked from an English garden. The ever popular Peonies are still high on the list of great performers. Ranunculus, with their tissue thin petals are surprisingly sturdy and Anemones add drama to even the softest bouquet.

It’s no secret that orchestrating such an event as a wedding can overwhelm brides with even the simplest of plans. I’ve heard it a thousand times from girls not wanting to make another decision… “I just want to get married!” Erin was one of those. A week before the wedding, all the planning and arrangements went out the proverbial window and an elopement was set into action. It would prove to be the best decision she would make. A beautiful home in Heber Valley became their makeshift venue… Erin wore her mother’s dress (remade by Jon’s mother) and one must be mentioned detail not thrown out the window, was the bridal bouquet.

Like Kate Middleton, Erin chose all white delicate blooms that could have been freshly picked from an English garden. Ivory bell shaped Lily of the Valley along with Sweet Pea and Lilac, added a dose of feminine pretty while attending to the senses. The urge to smell a flower is so ingrained in us from our earliest experiences. There is something so incredibly nostalgic about a scent that will help you remember your wedding day for years to come.

So if you find yourself not wanting to do a Will and Kate… not wanting to be the center of anyone’s universe but your own… picture yourself {like Erin & Jon} surrounded by their immediate family as you pledge your love to each other privately in a beautiful ceremony.

I assure you having your princess moment doesn’t require having much of anything but the handsome prince, because when it comes down to it… really, the Beatles said it best… “All You Need Is Love!!!”

Floral Artistry & editorial: Vicki Younker Ella Bella Floral
Photography: Seth Durfey

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  1. Calie Rose says:

    Her bouquet is stunning. I love the all white delicateness of the bouquet and the English style blooms. Simply beautiful.

  2. Vicki is one of my all time favorite florists! Working with her is always a dream come true, for bride and photographer alike! Great editorial Vicki! You really have a way with words and anything blooming 🙂

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