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It’s spring and that means the wedding specialists at Culinary Crafts are busy planning about 250 weddings for 2012!  Between Holly and myself, we have about 40 years experience with brides and each year, we offer the same piece of advise to all of them.  The entire Culinary Crafts’ team works tirelessly to create a bride’s “once in a life time” celebration, designing every detail to meet her dreams and expectations.  We have face to face planning meetings, walk thrus, design meetings, endless emails, Pinterest sharing, and on and on. However… Remember the day of your wedding, it is all about the union of two people in love.  All the details we been planning are just the icing on the cake so never loose sight of that.  There is nothing sadder than a bride who comes completely unglued if her buttercream wedding cake has melted in the heat….or the bride who ruins everyone’s night because the shade of the table cloths is slightly off the bridesmaids dresses.

Do your very best in covering all the details and hire trusted professionals to assist you…but in the end, don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember all your family and guests came to see YOU and wish you every happiness.  On your wedding day, remember it is only 24 hours long.  Enjoy every moment!
Mary Crafts Homer, Culinary Crafts

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