Flower Friday with Blossom Sweet

06 26 2015

Finally our favorite Friday of the month has arrived! We love working with our preferred florist’s here on UBB, they are all especially professional and talented! Today Melissa with Blossom Sweet is sharing with us an amazing look at one of her gorgeous bridal bouquets! She is incredibly thorough and informative! Thanks to our house photographer Lindsey Orton for great photos of this blush stunner! Take it away Melissa!
 “For today’s post I wanted to provide you with a pretty bouquet to look at and keep the text geared toward brides hoping to use a blush palette at their weddings.  Lindsey takes such beautiful photos so the pretty part is covered!  Now onto some words.

June is one of our busiest wedding months of the entire year, so we had no shortage of floral designs this month!  One of the reasons I chose this client’s bouquet for Lindsey to photograph is because the blush color combo is such a popular one and I wanted to give a list of some good individual bloom suggestions. 
Some of the specific flowers we used included:

  • Juliette Garden Roses: Always a favorite with our clients!  Perfect for a little vibrancy in a muted blush palette, and the heavy petal look is so romantic and pretty.
  • White O’hara Garden Roses: Less expensive than David Austen varieties of garden roses, I love white o’haras because they are an ivory rose with a slightly blush center.  And they smell just divine.
  • Sweet Elegance Roses: Our client wanted hints of a slightly deeper mauve tone, so these were a perfect option.
  • Quicksand Roses: This particular rose is actually my all-time favorite variety.  I use it a ton because it is such a chameleon.  It can go from tan, to blush, to champagne, and even a little bit lavender.  Whatever it sits next to brings out different tones and I think it’s just stunning.
  • Stock:  Stock comes in many shades, but the blush is my personal fave.  Stock smells just amazing, but be advised that it needs special care and attention in the heat as it is somewhat sensitive.
  • Spirea:  Spirea really brings some dimension and an air of wispiness to the design.  With it’s woody stems it’s pretty hearty in the heat, too!
  • Hypericum berries:  Most people see these in red or green, but did you know they also come in peach, ivory, and pink?
  • Tulips:  I always try to give tulips a little room to do their thing.  Tulips have a mind of their own and they can either stretch upward or drape downward throughout the day.  Either way is fine by me!
  • Willow Eucalyptus:  My favorite variety of eucalyptus would have to be this one.  It’s slender leaves and malleable stems make for a romantic, drapey look.
  • Chocolate Lace:  Have you heard of Queen Anne’s Lace?  Did you know she has a sister named Chocolate Lace which comes in tones from brown to lavender to eggplant depending on the time of year?  We put just a little bit of the off-shoots in here, and larger pieces were used in the centerpieces.
  • Peonies: I know, I know, you all love these.  Unfortunately they’re very seasonal and not available all the time.  But they did add a bit of beautiful fluff to this bouquet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            And there you have it.  Hope that gives you blush-lovers a few good options.  Good luck!”
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