Thankful Thursday: UBB Staff

11 19 2015


This post comes directly from me, Audrey O’Brien, the owner and editor here at UBB. Gratitude can be hard to express and because I naturally am a tortured deep feeling soul I find great importance in the written expression that will happen here today, bear with me. UBB has been a soulful journey for me, and this year particularly has come with a lot of push in my soul to dig deep and make some changes, as we progress rapidly toward the conclusion of the year I have a lot to reflect back on and many people to be grateful for!

The staff here at UBB has always been small and tight and we usually experiences very little turn around so when change happens it shakes up a few lives! This year our cherished assistant editor and staffer Lindsey Orton gracefully moved onto bigger and better things, she is traveling the world and continues to be one incredibly in demand + talented wedding photographer!  Lindsey you are missed every single day and I will endlessly be grateful for your friendship and the chapters you wrote here at UBB! Your contribution to the success of UBB was significant and I will forever be grateful!

My gratitude especially runs deep for Megan Bailey, the talented gal that began this blog with me so many years ago. As my partner she built it up, styled her heart out, and moved business concepts into reality in the progressive way that creative entrepreneurs do! She also took a graceful exit this year to move onto things that were drawing her heart. My respect + admiration + appreciation goes with her!

With the exit of two major contributors staff roles changed big time around here, I have shifted around my responsibilities and attentiveness to the areas that I felt really needed it in effort to grow this company in a way that will most efficiently provide content + inspiration to our readers and the best marketing source possible to our local wedding industry creatives. In doing so I needed some very specific needs met in other areas. I really could not run UBB and it’s daily demands without Ariel + Lindsey who almost seamlessly have made UBB part of their lives like they have been with me for years!

Lindsey Murphy, who has actually been with us just a little more than a year now, has really taken a profound front seat on social media here at UBB and is an important contributor to how things run in the ever so demanding world of creative sharing! She is attentive, responsible, kind, talented, and smart! I adore you Lindsey, thank you!

It did not take me long after meeting Ariel to see that success just runs inside her veins, it’s a special kind of confident swag that she does not even realize she has! She has become one of my closest friends and keeps me in check and on top of things here at UBB. She is the kind of gal who is thoughtful, kind, and observant. She can see what needs to be done and she just does it! With a great eye for design and dedication to detail I plan to hang onto this one for as long as possible! Ariel I will always be grateful for your presence in my personal and professional life, you contribute a great deal in both areas!

A quick shout out to our SEO guy Kade Call, our programmer Saurev, and last but certainly not least a favorite gal pal of mine, Nikkol Christiansen who helps with graphic design + magazine layout and production! These people are vital to our existence as well, and while they are not always part of the daily process they are an important part of UBB and talented creative individuals! Thank you!

I have given something away to our readers and to the industry pros that support UBB, no doubt I will be sending my great staffers something individually befitting very soon!

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