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09 03 2015

We here at UBB cover a lot of wedding planning aspects, but one note we haven’t played much, that we actually know a lot about, is wedding registries. We do not talk about this often but we actually get asked about it a lot so it is about time! Today we take a look at our two most favorite wedding registry sources, Pottery Barn + Target.


The Pottery Barn brand has held a long standing reputation for quality and style, my personal obsession with PB goods started years ago when I was young, my mom had great style has subscribed to the catalog since the early 80’s! I perused those pages with a longing of a grown woman instead of a girl. During my 16th year of life I asked for a set of flatware from PB and I got it too! I still get asked about this same flatware today used daily in my own home! So it almost goes without saying, who doesn’t want PB gifts? Here is the low down on their registry:

How it works – Super easy online account creation allows you to manage your account online and will facilitate in store or online purchases. The registry is easy and quick to complete and with 180 store locations and affiliate brands like Williams Sonoma the nationwide reach to your guests should be fairly adequate. They offer their registers discounts and promo codes that cannot be beat by nearly any other offer they send their customers!

Why we love it – Convenience is key in this crazy fast paced era and convenience and quality are not always synonymous, with PB there is no question you get that quality and style. Not only is the process easy but they also offer shipping address locations for both pre + post wedding inside your registry so you never will lose a single shipped gift!

What to register for: If we were to name a few must haves for your wedding registry at PB we would say tableware, and bedding!

Our favorite currently available items:


Tivoli flatware . Joshua dinnerware in gray . Colorful Cafe Glassware


pearl embroidered sheet set . PB essential duvet cover


Target is an everyday staple in a lot of lives, they cover a wide variety of household goods and needs and they do it with quality, style, and affordability! Back in the day when I got married Target was new to the area I was living in and that scanning gun + the fiance and a whole lot of dreaming about how we would make a home together was a pretty fun date night! I dare to conclude the same would still hold true today! (although Target does offer an easy and convenient online way to register!)

How it works – You will find it Similar to Pottery Barn in that you can easily create and manage your registry online, the Target registry is also slightly easier to navigate than other registries, but it also can be more complex as there are a lot more products available from Target in a wider range of categories and or household needs. Everything from cleaning products + toilet paper and onto dinnerware + decor. Target currently has 1,800 stores in the US and counting, this will most certainly create accessibility for anyone on your wedding guest list!

Why we love it – There is an APP! You can manage your registry through an app on your phone! Target is known for their low hassle return policy and we have yet to meet any newlyweds who have not needed to return something so this is an important perk to consider. They also offer their registers deep discounts not found in other marketing promos! This reason alone might enable you to get that coveted item for a whole lot less! We also like the wide variety of home needs they meet.


Create a Target Wedding Registry

What to get – a little inside the box and some out of the box too! Inside the wedding registry box you can find a lot of great looking dinnerware, decor, bedding, and home needs at Target. Out of the box, why not add on to your list a bulk package of T.P. to help load up your apartment or some sleeping bags for your first outdoor adventure!

  pottery barn

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