Relatable Bridal Inspiration

02 09 2016

This post has been burning a hole in my pocket! Haley Nord Photography put together this bridal inspiration shoot with a few other creatives, and when she sent it over I initially kind of dismissed the idea, solely based on the fact that it is indeed an inspiration shoot. You see here at UBB we are working hard on bringing our readers just the right kind of balance of inspiration vs. reality, meaning real couples, real engagements, real weddings and just a little bit of manufactured inspiration. To do this we have had to cut back on the inspiration like shoots we publish, there is just simply an overabundance of them. The photography here was obviously great, Haley is a talent, but it was Anastasia (the model) who captured me in the end. I contacted Anastasia, a plus size model with a huge following, and exchanged a few emails. She enchanted me with her perception of real beauty and I knew this had to be shared.

Too often bridal perception is not relate-able or realistic, the fact is we ladies come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and styles. There is so much beauty in every soul, yet so many brides question the reality of being a beautiful bride. I struggle with how society + culture has created this dark inner disillusion for so many beautiful women. I asked Anastasia to come on and share some words about real beauty with us, and she graciously accepted! A true path driver in the body image and acceptance movement we are so grateful to you for sharing Anastasia!

So you’re getting married. Time to honestly get serious about hitting the gym, making green smoothies every morning for breakfast, cutting out carbs and counting every single calorie that enters your body, because NOBODY wants to see a fat bride! 

WAIT WHAT? Did I just drop the worst “F” word possible? F-A-T. A bride’s worst nightmare, right? We do anything humanly possible to not be this one thing on our wedding day…..fat. These photos are going to last forever, and we cant possibly live the rest of our lives with extra fluff hanging out here or there! We’re supposed to look perfect, flawless, and thin because that’s what society tells us.

Well let me tell you something…..society is wrong. 

My name is Anastasia, and I’m a plus size model. That’s right, plus size. I’m originally from Houston Texas but moved to Provo Utah a little over 8 years ago. Growing up, I was always on the overweight side of the spectrum. Weight and my appearance was something that I thought about all day every day since I was in elementary school. It tortured me until a few years ago when I finally had enough! And I don’t mean one of those “enough with my body!” type of epiphanies. I was finished and done with treating my inner self so poorly. Done with telling myself “Ugh! You need to lose weight” or “you’re so disgusting, look at yourself!”. I was done with associating my happiness with my weight and appearance all together. From that point, I made it my mission to just be kind to myself. Even if I didn’t believe it at first, I would look in the mirror every single day and say, “I am the most beautiful person in the world. I love myself, and I am perfect in every way.”  As ridiculous as that may feel when you first begin to say those things to yourself, I promise, you begin to believe it over time. And why shouldn’t you? What in the world has persuaded you to believe that you are not perfect to begin with? OH THAT’S RIGHT……television, magazines, the fashion industry, and society. What we need to understand, is that weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. People are solely getting rich off of making you feel like crap. This is awful!! We have young children adopting eating disorders and dying because of society’s pressure. I could go on forever about how awful it is, but to stay on task I wont. 

My whole point I’m trying to get you to understand is that you are perfect just the way you are. Honestly, I mean that! You are alive, breathing, and thinking! How amazing is that? Your body does exactly what it needs to do without you even having to think about it! Digesting food, pumping blood through your veins, fighting internal battles. This is straight up magic! With all of this going on, how can we say such mean things to ourselves? Do I think you should eat healthy? Yes of course, but if you happen to eat a donut please don’t beat yourself up about it! Do I think you should work out or be active? Yes absolutely, but don’t stress yourself out if you miss a day or even 3. Balance is everything. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, so why do we willingly add torture to ourselves with negative thoughts on the very thing that allows us to enjoy this life? A body. Our wedding day is one of the most special days of our lives, so who cares if you need to go up a dress size or two? The most important thing is that you are happy, and that will shine the brightest in your wedding photos.  “Fat? HA! Who cares?! That was the happiest day of my life!” 


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