Reducing the Top 5 Wedding Stressors

02 29 2016

We are so excited to share this article with our readers today, we invited Lindsey (our social media gal), on to share some of her thoughts on how to reduce the major stressors that seem to be a common thread for all brides. She is so well researched and wedding interested we knew she would have top notch information and advice for you!

While doing research to stay on top of all things wedding related, I came across an article on that stated the top 5 stressors when planning a wedding. These stressors consist of: budget, trying to hard to please, decision paralysis, family “helping”, and the weather. Unfortunately, there are other stressors, (in the end, we would all be happy with just 5, right?!). However, I think these specific stressors are extremely common among most brides and are definitely in our top 5 as well. So naturally we want to address these issues with our brides and readers as we pride ourselves in assisting and inspiring local brides. What better way to assist than guiding you through these issues to assure the most enjoyable wedding planning process?!

One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background The love of money

BUDGET – It’s no secret that weddings are notorious for being expensive. In fact, states that the average wedding in Utah costs $13,301. Although that’s nowhere near the $88,176 it generally costs to have a wedding in New York it is still out of reach for many local brides. These prices cover the reception venue, band, photographer, ceremony site, bar, catering, rentals, favors, invites, cake, transportation, flowers, fashion, etc. Take a look at that list again; most of these things are guest benefiting, perhaps consider elopement if budget is a huge stress for you and the groom. We love elopements here at UBB, in fact my personal choice for best wedding of 2015 here on UBB was an elopement! A wedding choice completely about the couple, their love for each other, the vow they are making, and are often elaborated by a few guests that are the closest to them. Costs can drop dramatically when the wedding is purely based on the happiness of those getting married, instead of concentrating on making the guests happy. After all, that is who it’s about, right?! My advice to you if budget is a major stress: Don’t be afraid to simplify your wedding, it’s not selfish, and should be about you and your partner!

TRYING TO HARD TO PLEASE – This topic goes right along with budget! The wedding is about you and your partner, that’s it. If you are concentrating on the two of you and what you want for yourselves instead of pleasing others, you will save money, be less stressed, and enjoy your experience to the fullest with no regrets. Believe it or not, most brides have regrets about their wedding. listed several regrets brides had after their wedding, most wished they had gone more simple and saved money. It’s easy to get caught up in the midst of wedding planning and going beyond what you would truly like. Stay true to yourself through the process and again, don’t be afraid to go simple.

Also on this topic, try and think outside the wedding box and look at a bigger perspective over a longer term and or larger picture. You may be persuaded to make decisions to please your family, friends, and guests but what is the big picture on doing that, ask yourself if your choices will be remembered and appreciated down the road by those you are trying to please and if those people will still be in your life later, this can really help narrow down some decisions and reduce the need to please.

DECISION PARALYSIS – I am personally a big believer in long engagements. What is the rush? Take your time to enjoy just being engaged and enjoy the wedding planning process as a whole. You will find that the more time you give yourself to plan, the less inclined you will be to make quick decisions. Give yourself plenty of time to research, budget, and make decisions, you will be less likely to be affected by decision paralysis. This ties right in with the previous two stressors, try to focus on what would make you and your partner happy instead of trying to please or overreaching on your budget, this will reduce paralysis too!

FAMILY “HELPING” – We all have people in our lives that try and help out but in reality have the opposite affect, keep in mind that intentions are usually to be helpful and positive. Communication is key to reduce this stressor, make sure your communication skills are up to par! The people around you want to help out in the best way possible and they genuinely want you to be happy, but they cannot read your mind. They don’t want to hear “I don’t care”, because they know you do. You won’t sound like a “bridezilla” by letting them know exactly what you want. It’s all in how you express it to them! If something doesn’t work out don’t be afraid to say, “hey, I think I would like to take this on myself”. Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun and most brides prefer to be involved in every aspect, that’s understandable.

2016-02-16_0014.jpg Travis J Photography

WEATHER – So many brides worry about the weather, I say, what’s there to worry about? If you follow our blog and social media, you know that some of our very favorite photos are those with the unexpected rain or snow storm. Crazy conditions can make for some of the best photos, plus I heard it;s good luck! If you are having an outdoor wedding, always have a plan B. In any season, the weather can be unexpected, especially here in Utah. This will relieve a lot of stress knowing that no matter what happens, you are covered and your wedding will be beautiful!

So, what do you think? Did we help you out? Are those your top stressors? We want to to hear your thoughts! But, overall we hope that we helped the planning bride, groom, or maid of honor. Don’t forget the value and importance of meditation and an occasional spa day to ease your stresses as well!

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