Sweaty Moments

07 14 2016

Wedding trends move us through various era’s directly correlating with other social trends aligned with music, fashion, economics, and politics. I have seen various trends come in and take over the wedding industry, then begin a fade out, and eventually cease to exist. (At least for 20 years or so, until they re-emerge.) I have almost that exact amount of experience too, 20 years,  this kind of dates me, but I will own it, I am not young anymore, and perhaps ill just snatch right a hold of that word experience to make me feel better about it! I am alive and involved in an industry that prompts creativity for me and has me engaged in its purpose, which is to celebrate love.

(image by Emilie Ann + Rings from Wilson Diamonds)

A simple indicator of not just changing wedding trends but also of one of the most important moments of your life is the ring that rest on your left hand as a symbol of the love you share with someone. The design of said ring could easily indicate the era that you personally tied the knot in, based on how it was designed, what shape or color of diamond it features, and a plethora of other small details on that little love symbol.

The picture of love and what it can look like has also changed significantly in recent years and the world is beginning to recognize various versions of what an important experience like a proposal might look like between two people. I recently teamed up with Dove on their Amazing Moments campaign and was watching this beautiful love story that captures a real-life proposal where Louisa asks Rob to marry her. And it has us all touched and such.

The film highlights that sometimes the moments that make us sweat are the most amazing moments of all! And it’s so true how those all-important sweaty moments can make up the best parts our individual love stories. Dove got me to consider some of my own amazing moments that made me sweat and the important roles those moments have played in my love story.

Not long before my husband proposed I began to feel an urgency to share my feelings about him with him. I guess I thought I was not readable enough or that he wouldn’t do the whole ride-up-on-a-white-horse and save me thing if I didn’t at least tell him I loved him and thought I could marry him. So I set out to do just that on one particular date that landed us interestingly at Wendy’s where with clammy hands and profusely sweating pits I told him I thought I loved him and that he should marry me. A few weeks later he did the whole ride up on a white horse thing, at least theoretically, and actually asked me to marry him, with a ring and such. That was nearly 19 years ago, and that memory is stilled logged in the books as one of the amazing ones!

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