2015 Spring Editorial | Film

01 16 2015

Today we have the perfect Friday fix for you! Nathan Pickett Films joined our team at the Washington School House and we are ready to premier the film he created from his day spent with us! Film is fast becoming a common form of documentation, Nate does more than document though, the final work feels more like a 5 star award winning preview of an intriguing movie! Who would not want this guy at their wedding?! It is a fantastic culmination of all the inspiration and visual beauty we have shared with you throughout this week! Don’t fret though, when the film is over you can come back and watch it again and again AND we are not finished showing you all the beauty that came from this shoot! We have more beauty and advice to share with you next week! {Got to hone in on those amazing florals by Flower Afternoon!}

It’s time to groove to a great tune and watch the magic that happened at this editorial unfold on film!

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Utah Bride Blog Summer 2014 Editorial

07 14 2014

This is a brilliant one people. An editorial work unlike any that we have orchestrated and offered you thus far. We endeavor with each editorial to bring you something fresh and new to consider when looking at inspiration and this … Continue reading

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UBB 2013 Winter Editorial: Floral

12 13 2013

This beautiful and epic week has come to an end and we are sad to see it go! We have received many delightful comments, and even some emails and texts regarding the quality and beauty behind this inspiration shoot. We … Continue reading

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UBB 2013 Winter Editorial Feature

12 09 2013

We are finishing off this great year of shoots with an epic UBB editorial, and that is no overstatement of any kind! Every vendor involved went above and beyond in the delivery of their specific discipline, and every detail was … Continue reading

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Jordan & Katie: Lake Powell Vid

06 19 2013

We adore videography on UBB and love to share film with you, so interactive and fun to watch. The tech world is moving into a more interactive direction each and every day and film fits that mold perfectly. Lilly McDowell, … Continue reading

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UBB Spring 2013 Editorial Feature

04 01 2013

Our quarterly editorials are back! Best weeks of the year and we are so excited to kick off our spring 2013 shoot and show you what we have had in the works! Its fresh, clean, modern, colorful, and charming. With a … Continue reading

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UBB Fall Editorial Shoot

10 01 2012

Finally the time has come to show you what we here at UBB have been up to! We work for months to conceptualize and produce our editorial shoots, when publication week comes we fill to the brim with excitement! This … Continue reading

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UBB Summer 2012 Inspiration Shoot

07 09 2012

Good Monday morning! As expected this week will be one of the best this year, our inspiration weeks always are! Content is king, and that is why you keep coming back right!? Our inspiration shoots always draw from current trends … Continue reading

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Fashion: Designing the Perfect Wedding Suit

05 23 2012
dress code 1

Today I am thrilled to bring you a fashion post from the men’s custom fashion experts at Dress Code. Yep that’s right this one is for the boys! {Ok its for you brides too because lets face it, they usually … Continue reading

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A Carnival Date: Kirsten & Austin

02 01 2012

Digital Memorys Video Production sent us over this charming date video of this gorgeous to be wed couple. Who doesn’t like a good carnival every now and then? Especially with a handsome fellow! The lights, the colors, the people, the … Continue reading

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