Transform Your Wedding With Lighting

01 22 2016

Today Jordan the DJ Fayze jumps on to guest write for us! He is a lighting + entertainment expert and provided us with some relevant information that may be especially useful to you planning brides & grooms, seriously amazing how just lighting can transform a space!

Of all of the decorations that are bought, rented, and made for a wedding, lighting seems to be skipped over quite often. After all, with all the pretty centerpieces, drapery, and bouquets, is lighting really necessary? I’m sure many of you have been asked by your wedding DJ, “Do you plan on having lighting at your wedding?” While in the past lighting may have been associated with flashing colored bulbs and disco balls, modern lighting technology has created a world of options that are sophisticated, impactful, and just plain amazing. My hope is to explain the different ways lighting can be used to create mood and atmosphere on your special day, so that you can take advantage of the many benefits of wedding lighting.


One of the biggest trends in wedding lighting is uplighting. Uplighting involves the placement of colored spotlights around the room to highlight walls, columns, or corners. These lights, normally fitted with LED diodes, can be programmed to thousands of colors from pink to blue to green, and can be matched to your wedding accent colors. LED technology assures that the lights are cool, safe, bright, and vibrant! Uplighting can be static, or can be programmed to change colors, fade, and more. Instead of drab, overhead lighting that is reminiscent of an operating room, uplighting can create ambience in an otherwise boring room. 


Another important aspect of wedding lighting is dance floor lighting. Once the meal or receiving line is finished, it’s time to get your guests on the dance floor! Good dance floor lighting consists of many things, including: wash lighting to illuminate the dance floor (with white light for special dances and colors for open dancing), spotlights to highlight important moments, and various effects to create an environment where everyone from grandma to the kids feels comfortable strutting their stuff! A DJ worth his price tag will be able to program his dance floor lighting in the same manner as his uplighting, ensuring that photographers and videographers can snap quality photographs at critical times. While effect lighting is fun, it should be tasteful and (in my opinion) elegant. Ask your DJ for pictures or videos of his lighting! It can definitely be the make or break factor in whether your guests spend the night in their chairs or on their feet!


In conclusion, lighting is an essential part of a wedding reception that should not be overlooked. If there is an area to skimp on your budget, a quality DJ and lighting should not be it! Over 80% of surveyed wedding guests say that entertainment is what they remember most from a reception. 


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