Paige + Dillon: City Engagements

10 03 2016

Paige + Dillon are high school sweethearts! These two played out their early love story on the football field as a player and a cheerleader! After Dillon served an LDS mission their love story turned from letters to intentional dating + attending college together. Paige had some pretty specific ideas in mind when it came to a proposal, Dillon pulled them all off while keeping her relatively clueless. Their photographer Amy Stallings shot their engagements in downtown SLC and we love the bright red + their “in love” vibe! Thanks for sharing + congrats!


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Tori + Taylor: Mountain Engagements

09 26 2016

Tori + Tyler met in high school but were only friends and Tyler really never had much of a chance as Tori was pretty focused on never dating or marrying anyone from high school. While Tyler’s chances were small they … Continue reading

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Mountain Engagements: Hannah + Korban

09 07 2016

Hannah + Korban headed up into the mountains above Park City to Guardsmans Pass with their photographer Talia to shoot their engagements for their upcoming fall wedding. Wouldn’t you know it Korban did the darn cutest thing, he surprised Hannah … Continue reading

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Sarah + Tyler: Desert Sunset Engagements

08 22 2016

Happy Monday! Today we are bringing you some gorgeous sunset engagements in the beautiful Southern Utah. These hazy evening images from Sweetly Photography¬†match the vibe of this cool couple who have been inseparable since the day they were set up! … Continue reading

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Meadow Engagements {James + Melanie}

07 27 2015

We love these simple engagements photographed by Jana Laree Photography! The soft grass fields are gorgeous with the lake backgrounds! Jana provided us with some insight about the shoot! ”Melanie and James picked the quiet town, Vineyard, as their backdrop … Continue reading

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Patriotic Inspiration

07 23 2015

  With it being July, we were really excited to show a little patriotism on the blog! We adored these images sent to us by Alyssa Ence Photography! We love the bride’s gorgeous natural hair and the beautiful scenery of … Continue reading

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Wildflower Engagements {Brett & Connorie}

07 20 2015

This time of year in Utah is when the wildflowers come out! We love these engagements photographed by Mariko Kay Photography in the wildflowers. The photos are completely stunning and the scenery is breathtaking! ¬†Frolicking through the flowers with your … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Engagements

07 13 2015

We are sharing some steamy photos with you today taken by Emmy Lowe Photo. We are always fans of bright and happy photos here at the blog but it’s always fun to throw something different into the mix! Put on … Continue reading

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Summer Engagements {Jaren + Keisha}

07 06 2015
Camilia Lund Photography

We love how natural and relaxed these pictures are. Camila Lund Photography took these beautiful pictures and we think she did a fabulous job of making these two be able to really be in their element! They look like they … Continue reading

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Roadtrip Engagements {Kenzie + Steven}

06 29 2015

Buckle up to see some of the most adorable engagements ever photographed by Alixann Loosle Photography. Kenzie and Steven look like they came straight out of romantic movie in their gorgeous engagements. We love their outfits, and we love Kenzie’s … Continue reading

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