allison + Erik: Pillow Fight Engagement

12 05 2016

This cute couple has pillow fights in real life so a studio shoot complete with a pillow fight with their photographer Jessica White made perfect sense! Allison shared a little with us about their love story:

“I always had laughed at the idea of a blind date, but when I was shown a picture of a blonde boy with a huge smile I couldn’t help but give it a go. He told me we would be going to dinner followed by a night of ice skating. A perfect chance for me to make a fool of myself and a perfect chance for him to have me hold on to his arm for dear life. We spent the rest of the night talking and stayed out until 3! My family was convinced I’d been kidnapped! But I waltzed through the door moony eyed and couldn’t help but smile while I got a long talking to about answering my phone. We’ve been together ever since not spending more than two days apart. We also went to high school, never having known each other, though Erik would say that he knew what I looked like (not true) and I of course remembering him only as that hot kid in his soccer uniform.¬†

Some of our favorite things to do are play video games together.. him on his tv me on mine. Travel. Have war like pillow fights. And fall asleep during movies that we’ll never finish.”

Thanks for sharing with us Jessica, and congrats Allison + Erik, we love your pillow fight!


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Winter Engagement

11 28 2016

The snow is finally coming down, the Thanksgiving holiday has concluded and most of us have a Christmas vibe! So this cute mountain engagement session from Calder Photography is the prefect fit for today’s post! These two hiked up to … Continue reading

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Hayley + Gaige: Big Cottonwood Engagements

11 21 2016

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studio engagements: Katie + Steven

11 14 2016

She is a UT born + raised girl who loves the mts + snow, he is a CA born + raised boy who loves the beach + sun! The two met while attending college together and were just friends for … Continue reading

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Lily + Ian: Fall Engagement Session

11 07 2016

This adorable gal from Washington met this trendy gent from Virginia in a BYU ward, they are pretty cute together and so well matched! Tony’s grove makes for a pretty stop in the mountains any time of year! Thanks for … Continue reading

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Paige + Dillon: City Engagements

10 03 2016

Paige + Dillon are high school sweethearts! These two played out their early love story on the football field as a player and a cheerleader! After Dillon served an LDS mission their love story turned from letters to intentional dating … Continue reading

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Tori + Taylor: Mountain Engagements

09 26 2016

Tori + Tyler met in high school but were only friends and Tyler really never had much of a chance as Tori was pretty focused on never dating or marrying anyone from high school. While Tyler’s chances were small they … Continue reading

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Mountain Engagements: Hannah + Korban

09 07 2016

Hannah + Korban headed up into the mountains above Park City to Guardsmans Pass with their photographer Talia to shoot their engagements for their upcoming fall wedding. Wouldn’t you know it Korban did the darn cutest thing, he surprised Hannah … Continue reading

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Sarah + Tyler: Desert Sunset Engagements

08 22 2016

Happy Monday! Today we are bringing you some gorgeous sunset engagements in the beautiful Southern Utah. These hazy evening images from Sweetly Photography¬†match the vibe of this cool couple who have been inseparable since the day they were set up! … Continue reading

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Meadow Engagements {James + Melanie}

07 27 2015

We love these simple engagements photographed by Jana Laree Photography! The soft grass fields are gorgeous with the lake backgrounds! Jana provided us with some insight about the shoot! ”Melanie and James picked the quiet town, Vineyard, as their backdrop … Continue reading

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