Kersey + Brandon: Engaged

05 23 2016

The weather this spring in UT has been especially erratic and unpredictable, with high winds + lots of rain a good many sessions have been pushed to alternative times or locations. This adorable couple hit one of our favorite northern UT garden centers, Freckle Farm, with their photographer Kylee Ann for their engagement session because outside just was not going to work! Their engagement session turned out to be quiet lovely in our opinion! Congrats Kersey + Brandon!


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Cara + Jake: Engagements

05 09 2016

This Monday morning we are bringing you this spring cornfield engagement session taken by Heather Wagner Photography in Payson, UT right next door to Jake’s childhood home. Sentimentality + sun + spring for the win! Congrats Cara + Jake! 3

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Studio Engagements

05 02 2016

Spring shoots here in UT can leave a couple + their photographer in various predicaments as the weather is so entirely unpredictable. You could be dealing with the ideal environment of sun + blossoms, or perhaps some moody clouds, but … Continue reading

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Alyssa + Nathan: Engaged

04 28 2016

Alyssa is from AZ and the desert is her hearts peace tone so Nathan hit southern UT with her and their talented photographer Alixann Loosle to capture their engagement. Love the denim vibe and the rock tones! Congrats Alyssa + … Continue reading

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Maren + Jake: Engaged

04 25 2016

Loving this sweet + fun engagement session from Sami Jo Photography. Maren + Jake knew each other in high school but did not start dating until later, they both are brilliant people getting educated in the law and medical fields … Continue reading

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Megan + Phillip: Engaged

04 22 2016

Megan first met Phillip while serving him at a restaurant she worked at, she had an eye for his cuteness and her subtle but flirtatious ways eventually led to a friendship. Initially their timing was a little off but they … Continue reading

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Kaleigh + Christopher: Engaged

04 18 2016

Trees provide us with the most beautiful kinds of backdrops all year long, but spring seems to indulge us in special way with color and delicate beauty. Spring blossoms are a fav among UT brides to photograph among, and those … Continue reading

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Allison + Robert: Engaged

04 14 2016

These two love birds were set up by mutual friends on a blind date, sometimes those awkward blinds work out! They will get married this May around the same time they met last year. Their engagement location was picked by … Continue reading

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Lexi + Mason: Engaged

04 04 2016

We really fell in love with this cute couples engagement session shot at Antelope Island by Summer Soelberg. A simple engagement with good fashion, a great location, + some chemistry can really do the trick! Thanks for sharing Summer J … Continue reading

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Katie + Kelly: Engagements

03 29 2016

Katie + Kelly are one of the most playful + fun couples we have seen in a while, so much happiness in this engagement session by Sami Jo Photography. It is so effortlessly balanced by just the right amount of … Continue reading

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