10 15 2015

last day blog

The last day to apply to advertise on UBB in 2016 has indeed arrived, with it’s arrival I wanted to chime in one last time to inform the great creatives of Utah about the new opportunities available at UBB and how I changed things up to offer you something better!

PPC {pay per click} Options

This area has been surrounded by confusion + questions. I know this is a new concept for everyone, but it’s also a great one, so I want you to understand! I believe that UBB is a great resource for local brides but I want to generate an even better resource for them by creating a more thorough + easily accessible directory, and I can assure you they want this too! That is why I created the PPC options, to make advertising feasible and accessible to a broader range of wedding industry creatives! This area is low cost and transparent, be it slightly confusing. This is how it works:

  • You only pay for traffic directly interested in you – and you only pay for each IP address once! This means someone can click on you over + over and you only pay for them once!
  • We will provide you with tracking data at the end of each month, but you can also track your data, we will tell you how! We are all on the same page, total transparency!
  • You will not be spending $10,000 a month in clicks, I assure you! I understand the concern of potential cost. While traffic is increasing at UBB we have a grasp on the utilization of the vendor directory now and in the future, we know that this will be comparable with our previous yearly flat rate or LESS! In some categories significantly less! This is a great return on investment + you get data at the end of each month and if you track your stats as we advise you will never be blindsided you will always know what is happening with your listing.
  • No costs now, your first bill will come in early Feb with your first set of stats!
  • At the end of any monthly pay period if you want out, you can get out. This is new to all of us and I want it to work for you! 2016 will be a guinea pig year for us all! I am just asking you to give it a shot and see how well it will work for you!

Sidebar ads + Slider Campaigns

Side bar ads will only be contracted once, the yearly flat rate has not increased from the last year’s rates and today IS indeed your last chance to apply for a sidebar ad on UBB!

Our header is available for monthly slider campaigns, at only $250 a month this is a great way for you to push a promotion or get some extra oomph at a slow or specific time of year. If you are interested in a particular month please state that in your application!

Magazine Ads

Brides love our clickable mag and you do too! At only $250 for a full page this option is super great for contributors especially! We will be publishing several issues next year and you can jump onto those issues a month prior to publication. If you want an ad in the Jan 2016 issue you need to apply now! 

Submission Changes

We already posted about this but while we are providing you information we just wanted to inform you one more time of one big fantastic change! you NO LONGER have to re-size images to submit for publication!

Thank you for your attention, I am always available for questions, please email me if needed @ Audrey@utahbrideblog.com

Want to apply at the midnight hour?! Click HERE and fill out the easy form!

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