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Today we have a wedding gown post sure to inform! Thanks to the owner of Alta Moda Bridal, Hilary Anderson, your getting some much needed info on gown alterations. In addition to that this bridal boutique offers some of the only {and the best} trunk shows locally, an opportunity not to be missed if your still shopping for a gown. In fact if you are interested in gowns designed by the amazing Jorge Manuel you need to head to Alta Moda this weekend! Read on …..

Behind every bridal shop is a good sempstress (or, in our case, a few). Good…? That isn’t nearly adequate enough an adjective for the sharp red-headed wonders (also known as Pamela, Sarah, and Yrma) who make certain every Alta MODA bride is perfect from head to toe. (You kind-of already are anyhow.)

How do they create that perfect bridal look? Though their astonishing talent! But, also from extensive experience that leads you (the bride) though the fun process.

Here are a few steps, insights, and items you’ll want to know if you’re about to start your bridal alterations:

1. Schedule your first bridal alteration a few weeks in advance. This will help you plan around travel, photos, and special dates.

2. Try-on your gown with us prior to the day of your first fitting. This way we can spend time primping, admiring, and accessorizing you before your initial alteration appointment. This pre-fitting day is also a great time for friends and family to join you.

3. Have ALL undergarments (bustiers, slips, shape-wear, etc.) and shoes selected and with you at ALL of your bridal fittings. Our seamstresses are delightfully particular – this ensures you’ll have the perfect fit to your wedding dress every time.

4. Know how long your alteration appointments runs (30 minutes is average).  Ask your seamstress when your fitting begins and ends. It’s likely she’s meeting another bride after you, so arriving on-time will give you the full and complete appointment you deserve.

5. Limit your guests at alteration appointments to one or two people. For those still dying to see you in your fantastic wedding dress, bring them to accessory appointments!

6. Trust and have a good time with your seamstress. Their years (decades, actually) of experience have all been leading up to helping you.

7. The three seamstresses with which we work are independent contractors – their own businesses. Their fees, therefore, will be paid directly to them and not to Alta Moda.

Want to know more about fittings and alterations? Call or message us and we’ll help you in every way possible. Hooray for seamstresses!

Jorge ManuelEver wanted to meet this dashing designer? Interested in his architecturally inspired gowns? Bride to be? Fashion interested? This weekend March 30 & 31st the designer himself will be @ Alta Moda Bridal working in the shop one-on-one with brides for a trunk show. Call or email Alta Moda Bridal to set up your personal appointment!

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