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Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving 2015

11 26 2015


Thanksgiving 2015 is upon us and so begins the most wonderful time of the year. Today we here at UBB wish for you the best kind of day with the most cherished people in your lives! We have a few very cherished people in our own lives we would like to publicly thank on this day of gratitude ….

Lindsey MurphyThis time of year is bittersweet for me. Not only is it a time to express who and what you are thankful for in life, but it is also a time of reflection. You reflect back on the year, and it’s events, and it makes the holiday season even that more special. It’s incredibly difficult trying to sum all of that up. But, that’s a good thing!

There are so, so, so many things to be thankful for. First and foremost, I am very thankful for my family, for all of their love and support. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am at today. I am thankful that myself and my family are capable of working to put a roof over our heads and nourishment to strengthen our bodies. Their lives, health, and happiness mean the world to me, and I am so blessed to have them a part of my life and experiences. I have watched my family grow, and each time I find myself thinking, ‘how can I possibly love this much’. With love, brings strength and endurance. Needless to say, I can conquer the world. 

Last but NOT least, I am very thankful for UBB and the team. Audrey is a genius, I don’t know how she does it all. Thank you for trusting, and supporting me. You have introduced me to a whole other world in the incredible wedding industry. Before, I was looking from the outside in – with bright and eager eyes, and now I actually have my part in this industry, and I am in awe of it. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me as part of the UBB team. 

All I need is my family, health, and dedication for my future, and that’s more than enough. However, I am blessed with so much more than that. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ariel Stephan: Gosh I don’t even know where to start.  I love this month, a time to really reflect on all of my many many blessings . I am grateful for a loving husband who is willing to support me in any crazy venture I choose to pursue. He really is the best provider, friend, listener, travel companion, and dad.   We are growing old together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

My twin boys- despite their rambunctious behavior, it really is an adventure everyday learning and growing with them. Their unconditional love for me despite my shortcomings as their mother is beyond anything I ever hoped for.  Some days I lay in bed counting down the hours until they wake up and we can sing the ABC song a million times, color in Paw Patrol coloring books, and have crazy dance parties!

Working for UBB is literally a dream! Its an extraordinary opportunity to work alongside some pretty artistically talented people. 

Audrey O’Brien: Thankful Thursday here at UBB is in it’s 4th year, so this means I have composed words of a similar nature to be posted here on Thanksgiving Thursday a few times now. While I realize our readers may be entirely different I cannot seem to bring myself to bore you with words too similar to the past, or perhaps I am disinterested in boring myself, either way these words are solely about the gratitude I feel for what I have experienced this last year. 

This has been a year of change for me. I changed the location in which I live and work to a simple more profoundly beautiful place. I changed my soul a great deal this year, perhaps more so than in the last decade, I dug deep and got into the grit of who I am and am working on inner renovations. I closed down Studio Stems to solely focus on UBB as my partnership here changed, and I dove deep into the improvement of what was already a great company progressing towards better. Even my kids seemed to have aged years in the last few months going from young to mature far quicker than I would like to see them do it, and yet I am fully immersed in the goodness of their individual stages. With change comes growth and with growth often comes growing pains. I have felt pain and I am grateful for what it has done with my life. It is beautiful. 

I could ramble on with sincerity about the gratitude I feel for this industry, for our readers, for my staff, for my family, for my friends and so on …. but you all know it. You do right?! I will try to gracefully leave it at that and wish you all the best of life on this particular day, be it painful + difficult or joyful + carefree, or a little of both. Cheers! 

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