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Utah Winter Engagements {Sam & Katie}

12 31 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve to all of our amazing readers! We are so grateful for all of you and for the amazing year we have had here at UBB. We can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!
To end the year on a great note we are sharing this fantastic engagement session photographed by Miesh Photography! We absolutely adore how playful this session is and we love when couples (and photographers) are willing to do something unique! Here’s to 2013!

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UBB Best of 2012 {Flower Friday}

12 28 2012

We love flowers here at UBB and often times when it comes to publication if the blooms dont rock its hard to consider publishing. This detail is especially pertinent to the aesthetic outcome of your event! A detail that deserves a good … Continue reading

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UBB Best of 2012 {Wedding Feature}

12 27 2012

Ultimately the wedding is the end result to all the planning and visual madness featured here within this publication, so in turn, in large part what this blog is all about! We hope to get you there with additional efficiency … Continue reading

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UBB Best of 2012 {Bridals/Groomals}

12 26 2012

We can remember not many years ago when bridals became a necessary experience for the Utah bride and we love how the directions have changed and a new era of groomal sessions (bridal + groom) have become very popular. We … Continue reading

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UBB Best Of 2012 {Engagements}

12 24 2012

Here we are at the end of another great year at UBB and in following tradition we are filling this week with the best of’s! Megan & Audrey have selected their favorite engagements, groomal/bridals, weddings, and inspiration or flower Friday’s … Continue reading

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Utah Bride Blog Winter Editorial Shoot {Flowers}

12 21 2012

Happy Friday! And …. Happy Holidays! We hope you have enjoyed our week of winter editorial inspiration! These are possibly our favorite weeks of publication all year long and we know you love them to!  Thanks for visually feasting with … Continue reading

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UBB Winter Editorial Shoot {Paper & Cake Details}

12 20 2012

Today we are sharing the paper design details and the cake design details with you guys! These little details can really stand out at your event and can help shape the theme and look you are going for this editorial … Continue reading

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Utah Bride Blog Winter Editorial Shoot {Cocktail Hour}

12 19 2012

It is important to us here at UBB to include culinary creations in our editorial shoots because they have so much to do with real life wedding experience.  A chunk of budget is typically spent on feeding your guests and … Continue reading

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UBB Winter Editorial Shoot {Beauty & Fashion}

12 18 2012

We hope everyone is enjoying our Winter Editorial Shoot so far! Today we are focusing on and sharing some Beauty & Fashion tips for a glamorous mountain wedding. The style and theme of your wedding can all be decided just … Continue reading

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Utah Bride Blog Winter Editorial Shoot

12 17 2012

Happy Monday! We are so delighted to share our Winter Editorial Shoot which is our last one for the year! We hope everyone has enjoyed them as much as we do and have found them to be inspiring and educational! … Continue reading

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