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Fitness Friday: Wedding Dress Workouts

11 30 2012

So you have plans to hit the Alta Moda Sample sale or your hoping to slim down to fit into that perfect gown, well the second half of the day sending you off for the weekend brings a fitness Friday post from Jessica McCallister! Enjoy!

Fabulous You in Your Sleeveless Gown: 2 Multi-Muscle Upper Body Exercises

Hey ladies! Congratulations on your engagement! I’m Jessi, a Salt Lake born personal trainer, yoga instructor, and wedding event manager. After listening to brides unhappy remarks about their bodies in their beautiful dresses, I have developed a special training program just for you called the Wedding Dress Workouts. Here are two efficient exercises from that program that every bride should do to shape her upper body, whether her gown is sleeveless or not!

Reverse flies

This exercise involves upper shoulder and back muscles. If you do hair or work at a desk for a living, this one is especially for you! You ladies always have your arms reaching forward for hours on end, so your upper back muscles are likely weaker than you think. The strengthening that comes from this exercise improves your posture, and good posture immediately takes off 5 pounds!

How to:

Equipment needed: a chair and two 3, 5, or 8 lb dumbbells, depending on your fitness level

Have a seat with legs together. Bend over at the waist; your torso can rest on your lap if you’re that flexible. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand and roll your shoulders back. Rolling them back will engage more back muscles, and fewer “guy-ish” muscles, like the upper trapezius. Breathe in to prepare, then with soft elbows, exhale and fly up, squeezing your shoulder blades together and down.


I know, the dreaded pushup. But pushups are also a massive core exercise, as well as working your pectoral muscles (those are underneath your breasts.) So why not work those muscles to bulk up? Bigger pecs = bigger tah-tahs.

For the well-endowed brides who do NOT want any more fullness, pushups make your heart pound, which makes you use extra energy from your body (like the fat in your breasts). So pushups for the “No thanks, my Girls are big enough” crowd, pushups will slim you down!

How to:

Equipment needed: (optional) a sticky mat

Get on your hands and knees. If doing pushups on your knees, drag one knee away from the front of your body, get your balance, and have the other knee follow. If doing pushups on your toes, a.k.a., a full pushup, extend out one leg behind you and make a good traction on your toe. Let your other leg follow. Bow your elbows out away a bit from your body, just like a cute little bulldog’s front legs. Now lower down until your breasts touch the floor. Push up! Every other day, see how many you can do!

Image sources: Prevention & Womens Health

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Alta Moda Annual Sample Sale

11 30 2012
Alta Moda Sample Sale 2012

It’s that shopping time of year, it also is getting into that engagement time of year. Has your beau been on bend-ed knee recently or are you anticipating he will be? And what bride doesn’t want a couture gown to strut down … Continue reading

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Swanky Groomals {By Alixann Loosle}

11 29 2012

Today we have a gorgeous and classy groomal session by Alixann Loosle!  We are big fans of Alixann’s style of photography and love everything about these images! Stunning couple, stunning dress, beautiful location and love the blue car! The last … Continue reading

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Utah Winter Groomals: Michelle & Parker

11 28 2012

Winter should be upon us, and though the weather is unusually warm and sunny the truth is snow will inevitably fly and some of you brides will say “I do” in the snow covered mountains of Utah. This is no … Continue reading

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Fall Mountain Engagements {Stephen & Christyn}

11 27 2012

Good morning! Today we are sharing an adorable engagement session that was sent to us by Ceebee. With Fall coming to a close this will be one of the last fall shoots we share this year on UBB. This session … Continue reading

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Deer Valley Wedding {Ryan & Faith}

11 26 2012

We hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday with their loved ones. Now that our tummies are full we can sit back and enjoy some lovely winter weddings here on UBB. Today we are sharing a beautiful Park City wedding … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday {Happy Thanksgiving!}

11 22 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Today we wanted to take a minute to thank the behind the scenes support we receive from our families. Without them UBB would be just as impossible as it would be without readers or vendors. While this is … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Tinge Floral & Jessica Kettle Photography

11 21 2012

The time is upon us to end this fall season but before we do that it is very necessary to share with you one last lovely fall inspiration shoot. Orchestrated by two very talented ladies: Ashley with Tinge Floral & … Continue reading

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Fall Millcreek Wedding {Karli & Corey}

11 20 2012

Today is an exciting day! This post marks our 1,000 post on UBB!! Wow! That’s pretty amazing and we are so thrilled and appreciative to have made it this far! Looking forward to continue to inspire local brides! We are … Continue reading

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Utah Fall Groomals {John & Brynley}

11 19 2012

We are starting off our week of Thanksgiving with a lovely groomal session photographed by Mikki Platt and sent to us by the stunning bride herself! We love the natural style of these photos complete with the bride’s BHLDN dress … Continue reading

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