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your colors & your flowers {color series:3}

02 26 2010

Flowers are a key detail/element {if not THE key detail} that exemplify your colors. Flowers to us floral designer’s are kind of like the fashion that accompanies the body of your wedding and we all know that fashion makes a difference on impression. So how to do this? Well hire a pro of course, a floral designer can sort out what is best for all aspects involved in your floral needs, including your color scheme. I wouldn’t just leave you with that though, you know that right?

There are many color schemes that are more difficult then others, so for some its pretty straight forward, as for those hard ones I suggest you especially rely on an expert.

For example blues are popular this year {primarily turq or tiff blue} Its  hard to do blue flowers in an eloquent way. Consider orange, peach, yellow or even green flowers to compliment and bring out that blue … I know I know your thinking no NO no orange is not one of my colors, it doesn’t have to be my dear. It does not mean that your wedding will turn into a tangerine dream. It simply means that the blue you adore so much will pop more then it could with any other color. To create a more visual understanding I have grouped blue bouquets that were not proper uses of color {in my humble opinion of course} and I have also grouped properly done blue bouquets as well as a complimentary color grouping.


{just a note that faux pas were in abundance in regards to this color scheme!}


before i hit the complimentary i wanted to share this white traditional … with blue accent


and then there is complimentaries …


I am willing to bet the blue bridesmaid dress’s with orange bouquets catch your eye and this leads me into a critical color issue in regards to your flowers and that is your bridal party attire. We as florist want to know this key piece of information so that your designs dont blend into dress’s and become mute points, or contradict them completely with abruptness. In one of our previous color series we discussed venue colors, this is key for your florist to know as well. Linen color is significant in designing centerpieces and has similar consequences as bridesmaid dress’s.  To finish things off I want you to enjoy some local work in regards to color gone right.

blossomsweetubb2“Jessica was married in January 2010, and her colors were teal, cranberry & rust. Potentially, such a color combo could turn out tacky. However, this result turned out otherwise – it was fantastic colorful wedding!” Blossom Sweet


“Some people make the mistake of thinking that their colors need to be expressed in every element of their wedding. Another approach is to keep colors within each medium. For instance if you just adore the mix of navy, red and pink, rather than trying to bring in all three colors in your flowers stick with just the pinks and reds… then bring the navy in with your fabrics, in linens and clothing. There are just some colors that are hard to duplicate in flowers. That’s when other non-floral components can become more than just a compensation. Nothing says black in a floral quite like feathers. Peacock swords become a great way to incorporate teals and turquoise. Sea glass and other fillers can lend a helping hand immersed under water in vases enhancing the intended hue” Ella Bella Floral

studiostemsubb“This is one of my all time career favorites for color marriage. The color scheme was actually very neutral and that was carried out in elements throughout their wedding that signified the them, but the flowers brought it all together. An orange accent was important to this client but you can see we used a plethora of colors. and … and … they dont necessarily say that the wedding colors are all of these colors. The colors, the flowers married well”  Studio stems

Photography credit: Moments by Kellee & Rebekah Westover

other images courtesy of: the knot, www,, kelowan wedding florals, sualize, & wedding bee

floral credit local: Studio Stems. Blossom Sweet. Ella Bella

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