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flower friday: florist feature {studio stems}

01 29 2010


So its time to introduce another one of UBB’s prefered & recommended florists, Studio Stems. This one is a hard one for me, some of you can imagine why and for those that cant … its a challenge to write about myself, in this perspective, when I am so used to writing on the blog about other vendors. Embrace the struggle is my motto this week and it seems to carry eloquently into this task.

So a little about me {dba} as Studio Stems. I have been working in the floral design industry for more then 10 years now and primarily in Utah. My background stems from interior design, but floral design is my passion. My business was born from a good friends inspiration and a part time job at a local wholesaler that taught me the beginnings of flower care. Many years have since passed and with my floral endeavors has come many achievements and awards. You can find my work on my site, blog, here at UBB, style me pretty, pink blossom list, utah bride and groom magazine & blog, latter day bride magazine, and several other local & national blogs & publications.

Things that are important to Studio Stems … my clients of course! I couldnt do what I love without them but close second is my industry relationships and education. I believe in education and strive to experience business and design education every year, this has evolved into a little teaching as well, you can find workshop opportunities on my blog posts every spring as well as what I attend for my own education. I also believe in practice and design development, I have a few ways to achieve this and benefit the brides of this great state too! So check out this blog post here for a FREE bouquet.

There is a unique consultation process here at Studio Stems that ensures a unique & custom design. Its complimentary of course & a little bit of fun. Visit our site, our blog, and then email or call us to schedule an appointment. For now enjoy some floral eye candy from yours truly.




Audrey @ Studio Stems 801.404.0927

photography credit: Rebekah Westover, Vanessa Millecam, Lindsay Jane, Dustin Izatt, & Jessie Alexis

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2010 Color Trend {Turquoise}

01 28 2010

Pantone, the leading source in anything that is color has announced that the 2010 color of the year is Turquoise,  an inviting, luminous hue. Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise inspires thoughts of soothing, … Continue reading

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In the Spotlight {The Inside Scoop on Submitting Real Wedding Features}

01 27 2010

Guest Post By: Tessa Woolf, Editor Utah Bride & Groom Magazine The real wedding “Love Story” features in Utah Bride & Groom are by far the most popular section of our magazine. It’s no wonder—what bride-to-be doesn’t enjoy looking at … Continue reading

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Featured Wedding {Lexi & Billy}

01 26 2010

Bride & Groom: Lexi & Billy Burgess How you met: Billy and I both attended Lone Peak High School. He was a Senior when I was a sophomore. We knew of each other but we were more “acquaintances.” He then … Continue reading

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Boda Bella {event planning & coordination}

01 25 2010

Today I wanted to feature a new 2010 vendor Boda.Bella. We have too few great event planners in this area so its so refreshing to have some great talent popping up here and there. Lorelei is such a delight and … Continue reading

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Flower Friday: florist feature {whimsy}

01 22 2010
logo 300p

Hi there!  I’m Liz Eves, lead designer for Whimsy Floral. I can’t recall exactly when my love affair with floral design began (it’s been that long!), but transitioning that ability into a professional career remains one of the most natural … Continue reading

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Montauk Motion Pictures {In the details}

01 21 2010

It is all in the details! We are in love with this bridal video shoot captured by David Pilkington with Montauk Motion Pictures! Everyone has heard of the idea of hiring a professional to video their wedding day…. but what … Continue reading

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Featured Winter Wedding {Sam & Seth}

01 20 2010

Bride & Groom: Samantha (Perkins) and Seth Fredrick How you met: We were in the same group at a church event when we were 15 years old. How he proposed: On top of Mount Olympus while watching the sunrise. Wedding … Continue reading

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Groomal Session {Julia & Trevor}

01 19 2010

Jessica Coronado with BellaRose Photography really did a divine job with this groomal session featuring Julia & Trevor. The colors and the lighting are perfect… and the light snowfall adds the perfect detailed touch! Love the classic elegance of each shot! 4

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Featured Wedding {Tina & Jeff}

01 18 2010

    Bride & Groom: Jeff Curran And Tina Torres How you met: We met in Jackson Hole, WY where we both lived.  We were introduced by a mutual friend at a Super Bowl party ay Jeff’s condo. We were … Continue reading

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