Flower Friday: A Blooms & Blossoms Bouquet

03 27 2015


It’s the last Friday of the month and we are feeling good here at UBB! Sending you off for a spectacular spring weekend with this gorgeous bouquet from one of our preferred florists Kelli with Blooms & Blossoms and her thoughts on the bridal bouquet! Thanks to Lindsey Orton Photography.


Bridal bouquets are my absolute favorite floral piece to create so when I was presented with the opportunity to design an arrangement for Utah Bride Blog I naturally chose to design a bouquet.

In my opinion I think the bouquet is the most important design element of the entire wedding. It’s a beautiful statement piece to compliment the bride and the dress. And, actually, an entire wedding can be designed around the bride’s bouquet.

I always start my consultations discussing the wedding bouquet. The flowers, style and feel of the bouquet are all important factors when coming up with a design. There are many things to consider when choosing flowers. Do you want large, lush blooms, blooms with a high petal count? Do you want a lot of texture or do you want something sweet and simple? It’s also important to keep your wedding dress in mind. You want your flowers to compliment your dress, not compete with it.

Whether your budget for flowers is big or small I always recommend not skimping on the bouquet. Every guest will see you with your bouquet. It will appear in several if not most of your wedding photos that you will look back on for years to come.

When you meet with your floral designer bring ideas to help them see your vision and then let them use their expertise and experience in helping you find the perfect blooms.


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Volkswagen Bus Engagements

03 26 2015

There’s nothing we love more than retro chic and this couple helped take it to the next level. We feel like we stepped on set of a fun movie set and these two are the stars! Ashlee Brooke Photography captured these two gallivanting around in their Volkswagen Bus adorned with gorgeous flowers by Jolley’s Gift and Floral! Feast your eyes on these lovely images!

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Deer Valley Wedding {Monica + Biss}

03 25 2015

This is just the dreamiest wedding we have going on here! We love seeing couple’s personalities really shine through in their weddings; whether that be through the dress, the location, the hair, the flowers, or the food choices, we love in the end how the wedding just fits the couple.  This is so true for Monica and Biss, they are the loveliest pair and enjoy each moment of their wedding day.  Alixann Loosle did an incredible job with this beautiful couple and their beautiful wedding. We are in love with their color scheme and every detail!

 IMG_0643 copy    IMG_0519 copy    IMG_0466 copy  IMG_0457 copy IMG_0438 copy  IMG_0429 copy    IMG_0398 copy   IMG_0378 copy    IMG_0313 copy    IMG_0261 copy      IMG_0197 copy             IMG_0075 copy  IMG_0036 copy IMG_0018 copy IMG_0015 copyIMG_0670 copyIMG_0679 copyIMG_0687 copyIMG_0728 copyIMG_0743 copyIMG_0794 copyIMG_0808 copyIMG_0857 copyIMG_0961 copyIMG_0988 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_1040 copyIMG_1043 copyIMG_1051 copyIMG_1079 copy

IMG_1324 copyIMG_1123 copyIMG_1133 copyIMG_1153 copyIMG_1168 copyIMG_1178 copyIMG_1285 copyIMG_1287 copyIMG_1304 copyIMG_1322 copy

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Vintage Wedding {Jocelyn + Josiah}

03 24 2015

We absolutely adore this vintage wedding! Tavis Johnson did a wonderful job capturing this sweet couple’s special day. All of the details come from Etsy shops, how great is that?! Because of that, every detail is so unique and original. The bride’s crown & florals come from Bohemian Bouquets, her wedding dress from Muse Clothing, and the Venue was found on Airbnb. Everything about this wedding is so perfect!

TavisJohnson_001 TavisJohnson_002 TavisJohnson_003 TavisJohnson_004 TavisJohnson_005 TavisJohnson_006  TavisJohnson_009 TavisJohnson_010 TavisJohnson_012 TavisJohnson_013 TavisJohnson_014 TavisJohnson_015 TavisJohnson_016 TavisJohnson_017 TavisJohnson_019 TavisJohnson_020 TavisJohnson_021 TavisJohnson_023 TavisJohnson_024  TavisJohnson_026  TavisJohnson_028 TavisJohnson_029 TavisJohnson_030 TavisJohnson_031 TavisJohnson_032 TavisJohnson_033 TavisJohnson_034 TavisJohnson_035 TavisJohnson_036 TavisJohnson_037 TavisJohnson_038 TavisJohnson_040 TavisJohnson_041 TavisJohnson_042 TavisJohnson_044 TavisJohnson_045 TavisJohnson_046 TavisJohnson_047 TavisJohnson_049 TavisJohnson_053
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Puppy Love Engagements {Zack & Christina}

03 23 2015

Everybody loves love, and everybody loves puppies, so we think these two high school sweethearts had the right idea when they combined the two! We love these sweet engagements by Megan Robinson Photography photographed around town with their puppy. Jack actually proposed to Christina with the help of their Dalmatian Jewel. How adorable can you get?! They will cherish these pictures for years to come.

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Flower Friday: Magazine Spring Green

03 20 2015

Spring is official, it really is here and all that belongs to mother nature around us becomes new again! This spring green bouquet was pulled from our recent magazine issue …. havent perused it yet? What are you waiting for?! ……. thanks to Studio Stems for this lovely piece of green and pink we cannot get over the charm of the green atriplex, queen annes lace, and a little bit of silver tree! They all compliment those giant peonies so well!

studiostems1 studiostems2 studiostems3

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Spring Dream Inspiration Shoot

03 19 2015

We fell in love with these images when they came into our inbox! The beautiful photography by Evelyn Eslava and the wonderful concept created by Flourish put together just made magic! We wanted to share the concept behind the shoot shared with us by Kaylee Young of Flourish!
“As I began thinking, I loved the idea of a dream, and what it would feel like to get lost inside of a daydream. I used that as my inspiration. There is a very soft and feminine feel to this shoot, and it focuses on the pretty bridal details such as the jewelry and flowers. It also portrays the delicate bride and the intimate moments of her getting ready for her big day. I think this shoot brings light and feeling into some of those quiet moments that aren’t always captured.”
We love the soft femininity of this shoot. We love embracing the girly details!

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Southern Utah Wedding {Chelsea + Anthony}

03 18 2015

We love this lovely spring wedding at Harmony Haven Ranch in Southern Utah; a great DIY wedding! M. Felt Photography did The bride, Chelsea, is a designer in Los Angeles so she did most of the details herself. The venue is a rental cabin in New Harmony and it is gorgeous! Since Chelsea and Anthony both live in LA, and their families live in different states, they wanted a location where everyone could stay together for the whole weekend. Chelsea grew up in St. George so it was perfect place!

IMG_0536 IMG_0578 IMG_0591 IMG_0621 IMG_0668 IMG_0699 IMG_0793 IMG_0809 IMG_0879 IMG_0914 IMG_0942 IMG_0975 IMG_1043 IMG_1092 IMG_2880 IMG_2903 IMG_3713 IMG_3784 IMG_3807 IMG_3886 IMG_3890 IMG_3891 IMG_3897 IMG_3905 IMG_3908 IMG_3917 IMG_3923 IMG_3928 IMG_3933 IMG_3934 IMG_3944 IMG_3951 IMG_3952 IMG_3958 IMG_3959 IMG_3960 IMG_3961 IMG_3963 IMG_3976 IMG_3979 IMG_3981 IMG_4091 IMG_4106 IMG_4116 IMG_4117 IMG_4213 IMG_4263 IMG_4473 IMG_4487 IMG_4526 IMG_4536 IMG_4542 IMG_4654 IMG_4731 IMG_4739 IMG_4795

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Bre + Jose Wedding

03 17 2015

We are excited to share this lovely Southwestern inspired wedding! Bre, our lovely bride grew up in Mexico and incorporated some of her heritage throughout their special day, from sombreros to boots. She and Jose dated for five years before sealing the deal, and we are so glad they did so we can enjoy these amazing shots by Lindsey Shaun! Their reception and dinner were held at the Linden Nursery, such a fitting venue for this happy couple; the amazing flowers were brought to life by Jesse Mickle.






























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Simple Engagements {Josh & Hannah}

03 16 2015

We loved the classic achromatic look of these engagements photographed by Stephanie Sunderland Photography. We say it a lot but we love the way simplicity can really  make an engagement session stand out. Lots of couples try to use a lot of props or elaborate ideas for their engagements. Sometimes, the key is keeping it simple. How cute are these two and their outfits too?!

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