McCune Mansion Bridals

03 04 2015
We are soo excited to be sharing this lovely shoot that the incredible Jessica Kettle put together with Val from Flower  Afternoon.
From the photographer:
“It was the perfect pick me up during our drab Utah winter to create this feminine, ethereal twist on a timeless beauty in classic setting. I loved being able to experiment with the dynamic indoor lighting at McCune Mansion and of course, the beautiful FLORALS and details were a breath of fresh air. It’s so much fun to take a break from the busy wedding season and focus solely on making something romantic and beautiful and shooting creatively.
It was easy to become inspired within the walls of the historic, 100+ year old McCune Mansion in Salt Lake City. The intricately carved furniture, crown molding, and natural wood that covers every surface felt like royalty. It was easy to let your mind dream of possibilities while wandering THE BALLROOMS, long corridors and spiraling staircases.  To honor this beautiful establishment some aspects of the decor were kept soft and feminine to provoke a classic, romantic feeling while other aspects were designed to feel new-age and fresh with a burst of bright and cheerful colors- it truly awakened the mansion.”
The floral styling compliments this stunning home with blooming branches that adorn the ballroom fireplace and for the table-scape – lush, garden-like arrangements designed in antique containers trailed by jasmine vine.  You’ll see peach Juliet and Patience garden roses, ranunculus, larkspur and you can’t ignore the sprightly, untamed poppies. Drooping or reaching towards the sky, they’re sure to put a smile on your face.
mccunemansion_002 mccunemansion_004 mccunemansion_005 mccunemansion_006 mccunemansion_007 mccunemansion_008 mccunemansion_009 mccunemansion_010 mccunemansion_011 mccunemansion_012 mccunemansion_013 mccunemansion_014 mccunemansion_015 mccunemansion_016 mccunemansion_017 mccunemansion_018 mccunemansion_019 mccunemansion_020 mccunemansion_021 mccunemansion_022 mccunemansion_023 mccunemansion_024 mccunemansion_025 mccunemansion_026 mccunemansion_027 mccunemansion_028 mccunemansion_029 mccunemansion_030 mccunemansion_031 mccunemansion_032 mccunemansion_033 mccunemansion_034 mccunemansion_035 mccunemansion_036


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Winter Lake Bridals {Caroline + Michael}

03 03 2015
The lovely Tracy Hill took these photos the day before Valentines up on Antelope Island. These two are such a dreamy couple: Caroline is so naturally and Michael is so handsome couple, they photographed so well.
From the Bride:
“My dress is about 35 years old. It was designed and hand sewn by my grandmother for my mother when my mother got married. My grandmother hand sewed delicate beading and made beautiful lace designs. The dress has been worn by 3 of my aunts as well. My mother passed away two years ago, and my sister and I decided to wear her dress in our weddings. In November 2014, my sister and I washed and fixed the dress up. We also got the sleeves reconstructed, but left the original cuffs. My sister then got the dress fitted to her and she wore it in her wedding. After her wedding, I got the dress and had it fitted to me. This dress is very special to me and it has been my pleasure to wear it and honor my mother and my grandmother.
The flowers in these photos are ones that I had to quickly fix up before the bridals. I quickly picked out some from target, the day before Valentine’s so the choices were slim. Then I met up with Michael’s sister and she and I put the bouquet together with some leftover greenery she had. It was frantic but fun. The flowers turned out just the way I wanted, and looked a lot like the flowers I was going to use on my wedding day.”
We love the history behind her dress! and for a last minute bouquet, the flowers turned out so beautiful!
01 02 04 05 06   10 11  13 14 15   18 19  21 22 23  25 26  28 29 30  32 33 34 35  37 38 39  41 42  44 45 46  48 49
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St. George Engagements {Morgan & Marcello}

03 02 2015

Today we are featuring another gorgeous engagement session photographed in Snow Canyon by Gideon Photography. Gideon pulls out all the stops when it comes to his clients! We love his unique locations and the emotion in his images. We love the playful pictures of Morgan and Marcello. Engagements don’t have to be miserable. They can be fun!

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Flower Friday: Wow Factor with Blossom Sweet

02 27 2015


We continue our flower Friday series with this GORGEOUS focal piece from Melissa at Blossom Sweet! Its a great post full of fantastic floral insight! Take it away Melissa!

Hi there, Melissa at Blossom Sweet.  I am excited to share this arrangement with you today!  There are a few points I’d like to address in today’s post:

First, this particular piece is quite a large-scale design, so it would work well in a focal piece setting rather than for a centerpiece concept (ex: buffet, escort card table, entryway piece, etc).  I always recommend to my clients to incorporate at least one over-sized piece at their events if their budgets allow.  These types of pieces are the showstoppers that really bump up the “wow factor” of a wedding and get people talking–sometimes for months after your event!

4F8A8431 4F8A8433 Next, it’s fun to use unique containers as the vessels for focal pieces.  Everyone can have a big glass vase (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but not many people can say they had a huge arrangement in a one-of-a-kind driftwood bowl like we have pictured here today.  It really takes the design to a next-level kind of place.  Be sure to ask your florist what options and ideas they have.  Most of us who have been around the block have a bunch of unique individual pieces in our inventory to pull from that will make a big difference aesthetically.4F8A8479 4F8A8480 4F8A8490


Last but not least, I want to talk about color schemes.  I’ve written loads of posts for Utah Bride Blog over the years, and I feel that color is a consistent mantra of mine.  After all, as a florist it’s my job to provide killer color combos to coordinate with your design concept and really bring it to life!  The bulk of today’s piece was created using bubblegum pinks, springy greens, and some pinky-purple tones.  This combo in and of itself was VERY pretty, but when I pulled some hellebores from my own garden in burgundy and plum tones it changed what was already a beautiful arrangement into an absolutely unforgettable one.  A relatively small addition but we’re talking HUGE transformation!  In consultations I am known to often steer my brides into a superior color concept, and I’m so grateful for the trust they place in me to do so.  I’ve never gotten any complaints!  So put some faith in your florist and see what they suggest when it comes to your colors.  You’ll be surprised (in the best way) where that faith will take you and your wedding.

Flowers used in design: Hydrangea, pon pon ranunculus, jasmine vine, heather, hellebores, and moss.


Thanks Melissa – always a charming read and never anything less than floral perfection! Thanks to Lindsey Orton Photography.



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Snow Canyon Groomals {Lauren & Stephen}

02 26 2015

We love seeing submissions with such unique locations! These breathtaking groomals were photographed by Gideon Photography in the beautiful Snow Canyon in Southern Utah.This stunning couple drove all the way to Southern Utah from Salt Lake City and it was obviously well worth it. How gorgeous is that moss covered wall and those beautiful canyon views?

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Salt Lake Country Club Wedding {Jane + Alex}

02 25 2015

This summer wedding is a stunner! This sweet bride and groom completely shine in every picture. Rachel Ellen blew us away with the details of the wedding and J. Taylor Photography captured everything perfectly.

It was very special the groom’s father could be there on their wonderful day because he passed away a few months after the wedding. He lost his battle with cancer after a long fight. It was a miracle to have him at their wedding and their relationship was very sweet to watch. Jane_Alex-Wedding-9018 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9085 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9098 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9099 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9197 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9199 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9205 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9225 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9236 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9242 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9251 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9257 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9264 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9274 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9278 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9282 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9289 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9295 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9298 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9313 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9334 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9336 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9342 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9358 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9361 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9401 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9402 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9414 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9424 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9427 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9448 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9451 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9472 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9477 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9480 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9533 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9535 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9563 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9578 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9615 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9645 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9647 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9669 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9672 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9701 Jane_Alex-Wedding-9705

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High Star Ranch {Kim + Billy}

02 24 2015
This wedding at High Star Ranch took our breath away.  Kim and Billy make a beautiful couple and they glow in every picture. The wonderful photographer Jacque Lynn did an excellent job capturing each special moment between the bride and groom. We love the elegant rustic feel, from the gold accents to the floral crowns, everything is perfect.  Kim is wearing a stunning Tara Keely gown that looks like it was made for her, and Bill is wearing a suit from Mens Warehouse.  We hope you love this fabulous wedding as much as we do!
3126 20 42 30 38 39 41 27 44 34 33 36 17 16 18 21 22 24 43 4 3 5 2 9 10 45 11 8 12 13 14 15 28 29 35
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Indian Engagements {Payal & Parth}

02 23 2015

We absolutely love when couples bring culture into their pictures. Payal and Parth got married in India in December. They wanted some traditional formal photos for their engagements. M. Felt Photography captured them in beautiful Snow Canyon in Southern Utah! Payal had her makeup done by Sarah Boling at Lunatic Fringe and we love the classic look! She looks stunning in her traditional Indian outfit!

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Fashion Friday: Silk + Horsehair

02 20 2015

Today is fashion Friday here at UBB and we are honing in on one of the gorgeous gowns from our current magazine issue’s fashion feature shot by David Newkirk. The ‘Hayley’ is one of our favorite 2015 ballgowns on the bridal scene. Designed by Justin Alexander and available locally at The Brides Shop this beauty runs for around $1400 and looks similar to gowns triple the cost! It plays on features that make you want to twirl a time or two like a Dupion bodice and layers of tulle with horsehair trim, perfectly accessorized by a crystal beaded belt!

ff2ff3ff4Stephanie Brinkerhoff from Hair & Makeup by Steph created this beautiful spring look to accompany ‘Hayley’ with half up hair that plays up length with whimsical curls and still pushes beyond the everyday hair into special occasion. A natural eye, bold brows, matte lips = perfect spring makeup!



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Kellie & Maurice Winter Groomals

02 19 2015

Remember our Thanksgiving giveaway to one special bride last November? Well today we are sharing the final product! We were so excited when we saw the gorgeous images taken by Heather Nan Photography of our winning couple, Kellie and Maurice! Kellie’s stunning hair and make-up was done by Flavia from Versa Artistry and her gorgeous bouquet was made by Studio Stems! We are so happy they were able to find some snow in our dry winter to take pictures in, they ended up fabulous!

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