Modern-Vintage Wedding {Renee + Kyle}

01 28 2015

This sweet vintage wedding with modern take is breathtaking.  Chantel Marie, from Chantel Marie Photography captured the day wonderfully.  The bride is the sweetest thing. You’ll love her as much as we do!

From the Bride:

“A lot of people say their wedding day was magical and wonderful, so full of love, but ours truly was. Our relationship is very yin and yang, since we have such different styles, I was a bit nervous how it was going to come together. Surprisingly, everything turned out so well.

We were able to capture the classic, timeless vibe that I wanted, but still have a fun and casual atmosphere with a raging dance party (Kyle’s biggest request) to top it off. With such a small budget I tried to keep everything simple.

What I loved most about our wedding was that so many of our friends and family chipped in their time and talents to bring our ideas to life. My well for favors is officially dried up, the cakes, DJ, singer, flowers, invitations, signs, food labels, videography, venue were are all courtesy of generous friends of mine. Kyle and I just felt so much love.

I just kept thinking, “wow, this is it, everyone is here, I’m in a white dress…” It was so surreal. At one point, I stopped and took a deep breath. I couldn’t even help myself. It’s like I had to remind myself how to breathe and then I saw Kyle’s face and he looked at me in that way, that way that made me feel so certain. I hope every bride gets to see her future husband look at her the way he did in that moment.

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State Capitol Formals {Amanda + Sam}

01 27 2015

These gorgeous bridals take our breath away.  The classic vintage inspired shoot is perfection, from the bride’s gorgeous hair-do to the vintage car. Stephanie Sunderland did a wonderful job capturing the young love between these two beautiful people.  The Utah State Capitol was the perfect location for this session, we couldn’t love it more!Sam_Amanda_Bridals-31 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-40.1 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-28 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-24 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-16 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-14 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-12 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-4 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-12 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-23 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-49BW Sam_Amanda_Bridals-40.1 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-53 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-73 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-75 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-76BW Sam_Amanda_Bridals-80 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-90 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-115 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-108 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-132 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-136 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-140 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-147 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-158 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-164 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-167 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-179 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-183 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-190 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-193 Sam_Amanda_Bridals-197

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Winter Engagement Session {Clark & Rachel}

01 26 2015

The cold temperatures make winter a hard time to take photos but if you’re willing, it is worth it! These stunning shots were captured by Brandon Burk Photography up at the beautiful Tibble Fork Reservoir. We love that these two still embraced the snow and cold around them and wore cue winter clothing. You can never go wrong with snow boots and a scarf!

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2015 Spring Editorial | Floral

01 23 2015

We promised you more of our gorgeous Washington School House editorial from our spring magazine and while it has been a long anticipated week of waiting for it, today we are going to blow your floral bloomin minds with a closer look at all the floral work on this beautiful editorial from Valen Hunter at Flower Afternoon!

Gorgeous airy and simple floral graced the entire look for our weekend wedding “how to”, starting with the dreamy vines on the front door where guests enter and flowing right inside where a tray full of names, room assignments, and floral awaited! The bride’s bouquet was the perfect size, perfect compliment of foliage and floral, and perfect tones for this editorial shoot and that grooms bout is just dapper! Three gorgeous table-scapes were carefully adorned with floral and styled by Val from the head table, dinner table, to the day after brunch table! And let’s not forget the gorgeous fireplace and sheer panels with vines that adorned the ceremony that were full of floral and candles! The cake from Pippa Cakery was also carefully adorned with floral and is the perfect spring wedding charmer that added a bit of old time tradition to our editorial feature! Without floral what would this look like! Its the ultimate detail to any wedding and we need to stop now so you can scroll through and drool at all this floral beauty! Happy Flower Friday!

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Equesterian Groomals {Bob & Kim}

01 22 2015

Bob and Kim loved having the idea of being around horses for their groomal session. We think it was a beautiful idea because the pictures captured by Anastasia Strate Photography turned out absolutely stunning! The winter elements used were perfect; the berries for flowers, the fur shawl, and the white horse made for a wonderful session.

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Magazine Featured Wedding, Homestead Resort {Devon + Jake}

01 21 2015

We love this beautiful Utah wedding.  From flowers to venue, to dress to photographer everything is perfection. We had the bride write a little excerpt and it will melt your heart.

From the Bride:

Above anything else, the number one highlight of the day was marrying my best friend, partner, and the love of my life. Jake and I had been dating for six years before marrying each other. Both of us value the institution of marriage very much so it was just that much more important to each other and knowing that we were going to be together for the rest of our lives.

We were so excited for our family and friends to be there for our wedding day and those who really know us, have shared our journey with us as a couple and have years of memories together. Many of our friends have known us from when we first met those six years ago in Salt Lake City and so it was only fitting to share our special day with those friends.

Something that was so important to both Jake and I was finding the perfect venue. I am originally from Philadelphia and had family coming into town from Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New Jersey and so on, so it was so important to find a venue that could accommodate not just our wedding day but also our guests. In addition to that, in those six years together, Jake and I had begun a family of our own by getting two dogs. Like many dog owners, we consider our dogs our kids so it was important to us to have our dogs at the wedding.

Finally, getting married in Utah meant a lot to us. As I mentioned, I am originally from Philadelphia. I came out to Salt Lake City when I was 18 and three years later I met Jake. We met in the summer of 2008 and have been together ever since. It is for this reason that Utah has a special place in our hearts so it was only fitting that we say our “I dos” in Utah and be surrounded by our dogs, family, friends and loved ones.

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Romantic Lit Bridals

01 20 2015

This gorgeous inspired shoot was created to encapsulate all that winter brings into our lives. When everything around us becomes white, cold, and the days become shorter, what are we left with? A different kind of beauty.

We use lights to cheer up the darkness and warm up the cold hues, as well as bringing a little romance into our lives. By candle light we feel cozy and intimate with our loved ones around and twinkling lights do something to our hearts we can’t quite understand. We wanted to make sure those elements were brought to our stark white urban loft studio setting, which by nature is made of cold hues.

The bride was surrounded with soft greens, and naturally romantic rose blooms of soft white and peach hues. Our bride adorned a rustic and vintage fur shawl with a sexy off the shoulder all lace dress. Her angelic like hair and fair complexion was all pulled together by her deep red lip. The vintage oddly yet perfectly complimentary colored chair was the perfect setting for our beautiful bride to sit upon. The set up of the twinkling lights and candles sitting in vintage brass candles sticks found at thrift stores are easily recreated for any intimate gathering or ceremony. This simple yet elegant session really brings the warmth and romance that winter brings straight to your heart.WInterStylized-0192 WInterStylized-0198 WInterStylized-0223  WInterStylized-0252 WInterStylized-0265 WInterStylized-0274 WInterStylized-0276 WInterStylized-0288 WInterStylized-0302 1 2 3 5 6 WInterStylized-0312 WInterStylized-0317 WInterStylized-0319     WInterStylized-0350 WInterStylized-0388 WInterStylized-0395  WInterStylized-0409  WInterStylized-0424 WInterStylized-0431

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Lake Engagements {Colton & Ciera}

01 19 2015

Who says it has to be summer to have a lake engagement session? Not us! We adored these engagements sent over to us by Stephanie Sunderland Photography. Colton and Ciera make such a cute couple! We love how playful and romantic they are in their photos. They also did a great job picking out outfits that are atypical. You don’t have to be formal for engagements! Just be yourself!

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2015 Spring Editorial | Film

01 16 2015

Today we have the perfect Friday fix for you! Nathan Pickett Films joined our team at the Washington School House and we are ready to premier the film he created from his day spent with us! Film is fast becoming a common form of documentation, Nate does more than document though, the final work feels more like a 5 star award winning preview of an intriguing movie! Who would not want this guy at their wedding?! It is a fantastic culmination of all the inspiration and visual beauty we have shared with you throughout this week! Don’t fret though, when the film is over you can come back and watch it again and again AND we are not finished showing you all the beauty that came from this shoot! We have more beauty and advice to share with you next week! {Got to hone in on those amazing florals by Flower Afternoon!}

It’s time to groove to a great tune and watch the magic that happened at this editorial unfold on film!

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2015 Spring Editorial | Food

01 15 2015

What is a better way to celebrate a union between a bride and groom than partaking in not only delicious, but beautiful food?! We continue our spring editorial feature this week with a closer look at the beautiful culinary presentations created by the team at Mood Events as well as a the chefs at Washington School House. Amazing images captured by Mikki Platt.0001
We start off our wedding weekend with the wedding food itself! After the ceremony the guests are served a beautiful salad followed by a delicious taste of either Filet Mignon or Chilean Sea Bass. And of course, we had to take another look at our gorgeous wedding cake and desserts by Pippa Bakery!
0002 0004 0003 0005
0009After a night full of celebrating, your guests would love nothing more than a morning after celebration with brunch and tea provided! This gorgeous brunch bar has everything from the savory to the sweet complete with mimosas!
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The weekend has the perfect end with this idyllic fresh and dried herb tea bar!0023 0024 0025 0026 0027

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