Fashion Friday: Yosi Samara Bridal Flats

07 31 2015

We have a darn cute little fashion Friday feature to share with you today! We love Yosi Samara flats here at UBB and now that they have a bridal line you will too! Perfect fit for a bride who steers away from heels, wants some summer comfort on their big day, or has some height challenges to consider! That should target a whole lot of you! Perfect maid gifts as well! This fashion shoot shot by Emmy Lowe speaks for itself! Its darling and so are those flats!

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Ghost Town Bridals {Travis & Ciarah}

07 30 2015

We adore these pictures by Jessie Alexis Photography! Ciarah and Travis wanted their shoot to be uniquely them, so they spent time over the course of a few weeks driving around the beautiful state of Utah to find the perfect place for their bridal session. When they drove into Eureka, they found what they were looking for. An old mining town, Eureka has all but claimed ghost town status, and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. A very creative and artistic Ciarah wanted a wild look for her bouquet, so she created her own. Her Free People dress is the perfect match to her beautiful and off-beat personality, and her groomTravis is sporting a vintage floral tie.2015-07-29_0001




















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Maggie + Alex: Real Wedding Magazine Feature

07 29 2015

This is one fabulous wedding we have for you today from the Real Weddings Section in our virtual mag! Alex and Maggie sealed the deal September 28, 2014. There are few things we love more than a rustic fall wedding! Jaque Lynn Photography, did a wonderful job as this sweet couple’s photographer, she caught the essence of their big day so perfectly. We love the bride’s beautifully elegant complexion and hair. The Millcreek Inn combined with Maggie’s dress and flowers is absolutely dreamy, they tie the whole theme together. We also adore the color palette and all the flower texture. This is one classy wedding we can’t get enough of!

Alex & Maggie 003 Alex & Maggie 010  Alex & Maggie 067 Alex & Maggie 069 Alex & Maggie 085 Alex & Maggie 131 Alex & Maggie 137 Alex & Maggie 142 Alex & Maggie 144 Alex & Maggie 145 Alex & Maggie 148 Alex & Maggie 150 Alex & Maggie 152 Alex & Maggie 154 Alex & Maggie 155 Alex & Maggie 159 Alex & Maggie 161 Alex & Maggie 168 Alex & Maggie 179 Alex & Maggie 199 Alex & Maggie 200 Alex & Maggie 201 Alex & Maggie 210 Alex & Maggie 228 Alex & Maggie 229 Alex & Maggie 247 Alex & Maggie 252Alex & Maggie 255Alex & Maggie 262Alex & Maggie 271Alex & Maggie 272Alex & Maggie 294Alex & Maggie 303Alex & Maggie 308Alex & Maggie 311

Alex & Maggie 325 Alex & Maggie 338 Alex & Maggie 358 Alex & Maggie 373 Alex & Maggie 345 Alex & Maggie 378 Alex & Maggie 377 Alex & Maggie 380 Alex & Maggie 384 Alex & Maggie 395 Alex & Maggie 404 Alex & Maggie 410 Alex & Maggie 417 Alex & Maggie 431 Alex & Maggie 434 Alex & Maggie 451Alex & Maggie 457Alex & Maggie 459Alex & Maggie 500Alex & Maggie 506Alex & Maggie 512

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Summer Bridal Fashion: Juniper Romance

07 28 2015

Today we are looking at some of the gorgeous fashion inside our current magazine issue, have you perused the issue yet? Go do it! Full of beauty, advice, real weddings, pretty things, and of course fashion! Our entire fashion section was shot at The Bungalow in Pleasant Grove, a little hidden gem of a venue with a whole ton of garden appeal! Travis J Photography was the wizard behind the camera!

tr3This Maggie Sottero beauty is available at one of our favorite local bridal gown shops, The Perfect Dress. The juniper romance has a timeless feel with an understated Aurora chiffon sheath and fully beaded crystal neckline that gracefully drapes the shoulders and traces the back.  The Matching crystal belt completes the look and creates a versatile and flattering look.

tr1 tr2

Flavia with Versa Artistry is behind the H/MU on this shoot set and she created a soft summer glow for this romantic look. Peach and coral tones are perfect for summer creating a fresh but also very sweet look. This finger swept low bun has an organic and easy feel to it, looking somewhat effortless but with enough formality for the big day! Low bun up-dos look flattering on most brides and especially good on blondes!



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Meadow Engagements {James + Melanie}

07 27 2015

We love these simple engagements photographed by Jana Laree Photography! The soft grass fields are gorgeous with the lake backgrounds! Jana provided us with some insight about the shoot!
”Melanie and James picked the quiet town, Vineyard, as their backdrop for their engagement pictures. Vineyard is a small, but quickly growing town along Utah Lake, filled with large fields and tall trees. As their pictures were being taken, a huge windstorm blew through and added beautiful, but subtle drama to their images, perfectly demonstrating, once again, Melanie’s style and personality.”2015-07-26_0001 2015-07-26_0002 2015-07-26_0003 2015-07-26_0004 2015-07-26_0005 2015-07-26_0006 2015-07-26_0007 2015-07-26_0008 2015-07-26_0009 2015-07-26_0010 2015-07-26_0011 2015-07-26_0012 2015-07-26_0013

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Flower Friday: Blooms & Blossoms Bride + Bridesmaid Bouquet

07 24 2015

Today it is our preferred florist’s day for the month and Kelli with Blooms & Blossoms is joining us with a look at a gorgeous bridal bouquet and a perfectly complimented bridesmaids bouquet as well as her thoughts on these two different but similar bouquet needs! Thanks to Lindsey Orton for photography.


I tend to focus on the bride’s bouquet in my posts but there is something so special about a bridesmaid bouquet. 


A bouquet is a beautiful accessory to a maid of honor and/or a bridesmaid. These ladies are typically family or close friends who have a special place in your heart, people who have helped shape you and people who have been by your side through the good and bad. So a bouquet can also be a token of thanks. They are a way to let these special people in your life know you love them and they are important to you. 


When deciding the on the design and look of these bouquets it’s important to keep the bride’s bouquet in mind. I’ve done several different variations to these bouquets. Some like them to be a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet, some like them to be slightly different and I have had a few clients want something completely different than the bride’s bouquet. In my opinion the only rule is to design these bouquets to compliment the bride and her bouquet and create a unified look. 



For this wedding we created the bride’s bouquet without foilage. She wanted a classic look and a tighter shape. To make the bridesmaid’s bouquets different but still complimentary we created them to be a bit looser and added in soft foilage.

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Patriotic Inspiration

07 23 2015


With it being July, we were really excited to show a little patriotism on the blog! We adored these images sent to us by Alyssa Ence Photography! We love the bride’s gorgeous natural hair and the beautiful scenery of Southern Utah! Alyssa shared a little inspiration behind the shoot:
This session was inspired by the gorgeous daisy patterned vintage dress by The Public Sector Vintage. It just proves that classic 70’s wedding dresses, can never go out of style. Representing peace and love where vital in this shoot, and nothing represents that more than our beautiful American Flag draped around a stunning bride.2015-07-23_0001 2015-07-23_0002 2015-07-23_0003 2015-07-23_0004 2015-07-23_0005 2015-07-23_0006 2015-07-23_0007 2015-07-23_0008 2015-07-23_0009 2015-07-23_0010 2015-07-23_0011 2015-07-23_0012 2015-07-23_0013 2015-07-23_0014 2015-07-23_0015 2015-07-23_0016 2015-07-23_0017 2015-07-23_0018 2015-07-23_0019 2015-07-23_0020 2015-07-23_0021 2015-07-23_0022

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Copper Nickel Wedding {Emily + Jace}

07 22 2015

We have the loveliest wedding  for you today! Emily and Jace make the most gorgeous couple, we love all of the special touches they had. Emily had a beautiful vision for her reception and we must say it turned out! The wonderful, Jessica Janae Photography, captured their special day one frame at a time.

From the Bride: “Jace and I knew each other from high school but he was a sophomore and I was a senior so we didn’t talk much. Then a few years out of high school we started hanging out and skiing together with a group of mutual friends. Jace pursued me for a while but I wasn’t interested so I ignored him. He gave up and we stopped talking for a little while and then a few months later I called him up and asked him out and things took off from there. Jace was then deployed to Afghanistan for four months while I planned a wedding. I think it was better that he was gone during the planning haha.  He got home in February and he proposed to me right at the airport! It was the best surprise.

“Our wedding day was Friday, April 17th. The biggest snow storm of the entire winter happened 2 days before our wedding. The storm dumped so much snow and I was terrified that the weather would be bad but it ended up being a beautiful day. We had our reception at The Copper Nickel in Ogden and it was the perfect venue for the theme and vibe of our reception. My mom and I designed the whole thing and it came together beautifully. I could not have asked for a better day, it was perfect.”

2 61235 3844 45555860CO1A9595 CO1A9607 CO1A9608 CO1A9614 CO1A9617 CO1A9618 CO1A9621CO1A9626 CO1A9636CO1A9645 CO1A9651CO1A9665 CO1A9674 CO1A9678 CO1A9693CO1A9695 CO1A9698 CO1A9701 CO1A9702CO1A9705 CO1A9710CO1A9719 CO1A9744CO1A9749CO1A9752 CO1A9756CO1A9793 CO1A9796CO1A9827 CO1A9828CO1A9840 CO1A9846CO1A9851CO1A9861CO1A9869CO1A9873 CO1A9875CO1A9881CO1A9905 CO1A9908CO1A9920

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Wildflower Engagements {Brett & Connorie}

07 20 2015

This time of year in Utah is when the wildflowers come out! We love these engagements photographed by Mariko Kay Photography in the wildflowers. The photos are completely stunning and the scenery is breathtaking!  Frolicking through the flowers with your love, what could be better?!MarikoKayPhoto-1 MarikoKayPhoto-2 MarikoKayPhoto-3 MarikoKayPhoto-4 MarikoKayPhoto-5 MarikoKayPhoto-6 MarikoKayPhoto-7 MarikoKayPhoto-8 MarikoKayPhoto-9 MarikoKayPhoto-10 MarikoKayPhoto-11 MarikoKayPhoto-12 MarikoKayPhoto-13 MarikoKayPhoto-14 MarikoKayPhoto-15 MarikoKayPhoto-16 MarikoKayPhoto-17 MarikoKayPhoto-18

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Flower Friday: Body Floral

07 17 2015

Fresh floral used in creative ways for bridal fashion has been on the upswing for some time now, such a good marriage of mediums that creates intrigue + color in any wedding capture. Alixann Loosle recently shared this flora + bridal inspired shoot. We love how refreshing it feels, how the floral by La Fete is a simple medium that adds just the right amount and variety of texture. Great inspiration for a creative bridal shoot pre-wedding day! Hair & makeup by Steph kills it as usual in her department too!

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