Flower Friday: Flower Wall with Studio Stems

05 22 2015


We are so excited to have Audrey from Studio Stems with us for a look at how she created this gorgeous flower wall for her client’s wedding last weekend, it is the perfect garden backdrop for a ceremony or reception line and a versatile piece of wedding decor! She is getting some serious love from just her IG posts so we already know you brides are gonna eat this right up! Thanks to Lindsey Orton for stopping by to capture this beauty in the rain!

wall3wall1wall4When my client Lauren showed me some inspiration images for a floral wall that she hoped would set the scene for her ceremony and be a major player in her reception decor I knew this was gonna be a great one! We carefully considered design and bloom selection as we addressed all the needs that encompassed this focal piece. Not every bride can go this big so I eagerly anticipated the arrival of her wedding day so we could construct this beauty of a backdrop!

While a floral wall can be a large expense if played right it can also be well worth the costs. A garden or backyard wedding is a good fit but so is an indoor setting when you need to bring a little bit of the outdoors in! This particular wall is moss covered, an option that is more cost effective than a foliage base and still sets a pretty green base to bounce colorful floral off of. We used hydrangea because they have large heads and take up more space, large Ecuadorian roses, and carnations for pops of color and fill in. We also used gold curly willow branches to add texture and interest. This particular design began in opposing corners and flanked out and into the center but there are multiple options to consider when designing the perfect floral wall backdrop! 

Shoot us an email at info@studiostems.com to inquire about a flower wall for your big day!


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DIY Vintage Wedding {TJ + Michelle}

05 21 2015

We love when brides have the willpower and patience to tackle a lot of their wedding things on their own! This bride was no exception! We had the bride share a little about their love story:
Michelle was the shy, small-town girl from Salem, UT and TJ was the surf-and-sand-loving Californian from Carlsbad. She first saw TJ at a church activity, where she was obviously smitten with his good looks and charm, but too shy to approach him. Instead, she watched TJ from afar as he seemed to get to know every girl except her, and prayed that he would notice her even though she was so timid! “Unfortunately,” she says, “luck wasn’t with me that night…and I went home a little dejected!” But school had just started, so the next morning, she headed off to the first day of the semester’s classes. Most of the day passed without incident, but when she sat down in her last class, she was thrilled to see that in walked the cute guy she’d seen the night before! “It’s super embarrassing to write, but I will be honest and say that I got a tingly feeling the moment I recognized him and realized he was going to be in my class. Because of that feeling, I knew I somehow needed to get to know him!” Over the course of the next week, she watched to see where he would sit daily, and made “a plan of action! My plan definitely included having an awesome hair day and flawless makeup. I went to class early and sat next to his normal spot. How’s that for creepy?!?” Because of her efforts, they ended up having a conversation that led to more conversations, and eventually, a deep friendship, despite their coming from different backgrounds and having different personalities. The rest, as they say, is history. On April 7th, TJ proposed to Michelle, and they spent a very short four months planning and dreaming about their wedding day. “It was going to be particularly special,” she said, “because we were doing so much of it ourselves.” Because her siblings were both talented and eager to be part of the intimate details, Michelle’s family did most of the set-up, the flowers, the makeup and hair, etc. TJ’s side was also heavily involved in the planning and decorating.
0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011 0012 0013 0014 0015 0016 0017 0018 0019 0020 0021 0022 0023 0024 0025 0026 0027 0028 0029 0030 0031 0032

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Hidden Valley Country Club Wedding {Whitney + Cameron}

05 20 2015
We love this real wedding we have for you today! Whitney and Cameron make the loveliest couple and we love all of the special touches they had. Even though it was raining, the amazing Heather Ellis Photography was able to get tons of beautiful photos!
Read what the Mother of the Bride had to say about the event:
“Whitney fell in love with the Swiss Dot Jcrew wedding gown the minute she saw it. It reminded her of her great grandmother’s milk glass china, and helped provide the inspiration for their centerpieces.  Whitney and Cameron also liked the idea of a wedding that would sparkle like the glittering crushed diamonds in her braided wedding ring.. Cameron’s family owns a tree removal service so we thought using the rugged organic look of Aspen tree chargers and stumps would mix in the groom’s family with the sparkle. Bringing together the delicate texture of milk glass with chrome and silver glitter set the perfect backdrop. We added in a minimal gray and cream color palate with creamy blush flowers and succulent greens. The event turned out magical and despite the drizzle of rain on their wedding day the bride and groom were totally thrilled.”

Heather Ellis Photography UBB-45 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-46 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-47Heather Ellis Photography UBB-49 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-50 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-51Heather Ellis Photography UBB-56 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-57Heather Ellis Photography UBB-59 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-60Heather Ellis Photography UBB-62Heather Ellis Photography UBB-68 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-69 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-70Heather Ellis Photography UBB-73Heather Ellis Photography UBB-75 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-76Heather Ellis Photography UBB-2 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-3Heather Ellis Photography UBB-6 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-7Heather Ellis Photography UBB-15Heather Ellis Photography UBB-18Heather Ellis Photography UBB-21Heather Ellis Photography UBB-23 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-24 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-25Heather Ellis Photography UBB-28Heather Ellis Photography UBB-31 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-32 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-33 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-34Heather Ellis Photography UBB-36 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-37 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-38 Heather Ellis Photography UBB-39

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Antelope Island Bridals {Emily + Jace}

05 18 2015

Emily and Jace’s formal session took our breath away. Jessica, at Jessica Janae Photography did a fabulous job capturing each moment and we love the way these photographs turned out. The session was held at Antelope Island and Jimmy’s Florals was responsible for the beautiful flowers.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

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Formal Engagements {Dallin + Julia}

05 18 2015

We adore these gorgeous photos taken at Memory Grove by Camilia Lund Photography. Dallin and Julia look stunning next to the spring flowers dressed to the nines! Julia even incorporated DIY to her engagements! She found, painted, and brought that awesome gold bench. We just love her pink dress!0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011 0012 0013 0014 0015

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Fashion Friday: Choosing the Perfect Sash

05 15 2015

We here at UBB love BHLDN‘s bridal line, they have a generous variety of fashion relevant gowns + bridal accessories. We also love the ladies at BHLDN and today one of those cherished BHLDN reps shows us the art of the bridal waist! Thanks Jessica McGuinn for teaming up with UBB!

That moment of finding the perfect dress is a huge bridal milestone. After endless hours of perusing bridal magazines and contemplating everything from color and fabric, to silhouette and shape, you are more than ready to check “wedding day look” off your list. However, this is the perfect moment to pull together accessories that showcase your personal style and make your gown your own. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a great bridal sash. Here to provide you with tips for choosing the perfect sash to accent your wedding dress are the bridal style experts at BHLDN.

Tip #1 – Balance proportion without overwhelming your overall look.  A sash should serve as an accent rather than overpower the details in your gown. If you chose a gown with an intricate lace bodice, such as the Penelope, opt for a skinny sash with just a touch of sparkle.


Penelope Gown . Sparkle Skinny Sash . Crackle Crystal Sash

Tip #2 – Accentuate (or create) a waist line!  A sash can be the perfect way to lend flattering waist definition to an otherwise linear silhouette. If you choose a column or fit and flare gown, such as the Dakota, add a wide beaded sash or elegant silk ribbon to highlight your waist.

bhldnfashion2Dakota Gown . Resplendent Sash . Simply Silk Sash

Tip #3 – Choose complimentary motifs and shapes in both your gown and sash.  The best pairings often have artwork and/or beading that mirror one another. For instance, the floral pattern of the Seraphina Gown is perfectly translated in the buoyant blooms of the Magnolia Silk Sash.

Seraphina Gown . Magnolia Silk Sash

Tip #4 – Keep in mind that bridal accessories can be altered too!  To achieve a clean line, ask your expert tailor to add a hook and eye closure to your sash. You can even have it sewn directly to your gown to avoid fussing with a bow or dealing with excess ribbon.

Ultimately, creating a bridal look that is true to your everyday style, yet elevated for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion is key. Bridal accessories help bring your look full circle; giving you that extra something for the big day!

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Garden Inspiration Bridals

05 14 2015

For those of you who are unsure of what we mean when we use the word inspiration in our title, today we are going to explain it! As wedding vendors, we sometimes get stuck in a bit of rut and are longing to do something to get our creative juices flowing again. That’s when we enlist the help of other talented vendors in the state and come up with a shoot that is something that represents us fully as a professional. That is exactly what the talented Val Dahlin did of Valory Jean Photography. She put together this gorgeous inspiration bridal session for us to ooh and aah over. Here’s a little note from Val about the shoot:
At the tail end of winter I was itching to do a shoot of something beautiful. Specifically a dress that was different, that I hadn’t seen anyone wear. In my mind I pictured a blush colored dress. I ended up going to Avenia Bridal to choose a dress for this shoot, and fell in love with this light peach Lis Simon gown. It was perfect in every way and I was so excited to photograph it.0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011 0012 0013 0014 0015 0016 0017 0018 0019

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The Perfect Backyard Wedding {Krista + Alan}

05 13 2015

Who doesn’t love a backyard wedding?! Alan & Krista make a gorgeous couple and we are so in love with their wedding! Lindsey Orton blew us away with these photos, we can’t get enough!

Read about the wedding from the bride herself:

“Once upon a time a surfer from California and an outdoorsy girl from Utah met on Tinder and fell in love. We got married in the Bountiful Temple and, in our opinion, had the perfect backyard reception. Inspiration for our wedding came from the Utah mountains. We sought for a homemade, romantic theme with gardens and wildflowers everywhere. We put together the arch we stood under and this is where our very favorite pictures were taken. Krista’s sister built the giant heart that stood behind our cake. As we were going through the Modern Display warehouse we came across it and had a hard time deciding whether we wanted it or not. Luckily we just took it with us! It added the perfect touch. We had hearts in different areas all around the venue. Krista’s nephew has gone through a heart transplant and that’s what inspired her love for hearts. The last thing we have to mention is the gelato cart. It was such a fun part of our night and our guests loved the all-you-can-eat ice cream! Our amazing photographer captured the best night of our lives and we’re so excited to share it.”0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011 0012 0013 0014 0015 0016 0017 0018 0019 0020 0021 0022 0023 0024 0025 0026 0027 0028 0029 0030 0031 0032 0033 0034 0035 0036 0037 0038 0039 0040 0041

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Redford Center Lawn Wedding {Brit + Tom}

05 12 2015

We have a wonderful Sundance Wedding for you today! Brit and Tom sealed the deal June 28, 2014 and their special day was nothing short of amazing. Jimmy Bishop, from Gideon Photography captured each moment beautifully. The couple worked with Fuse Weddings and Events to plan and entrust them with their wedding and make sure every detail was perfect!

Read a little bit from the bride herself:

How You Met: “We met in the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Utah. We had a class studying Antartica and would meet weekly to study and started dating right before graduation.”
How He Proposed: Tom had a custom Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream made the flavor said, ‘Britney will you marry me?’–best ice cream ever!”
Menu & How You Selected It: “We really wanted good food and Sundance impressed us. We didn’t want anyone to feel hungry at our wedding so food was important. We served various Hors D’eouvres during cocktail hour with our signature drink Mojito. As for the main dishes, we started with a salad then offered our guests choice between the Sundance Pepper crusted Beef Filet, with Mango Chutney, The Grilled Vegetable & Goat Cheese Strudel with Fire Roasted Pepper Sauce, or Grilled Salmon with Tomato Pine Nut Relish.
Wedding Song: “First Day of My Life: Bright Eyes”

Bride’s: “Seeing my husband waiting for me.”
Groom’s: “Seeing my wife walking down the isle.”

sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4481 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4482 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4483 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4484 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4485 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4486 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4487 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4488 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4489 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4490 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4491 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4492 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4493 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4494 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4495 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4496 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4497   sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4500 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4501 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4502 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4503 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4504 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4505 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4506 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4507 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4508 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4509 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4510 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4511 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4512     sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4518  sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4520   sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4524  sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4526 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4527 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4528  sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4530  sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4532 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4533 sundance-ut-wedding-gideonphoto-4534





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Canoeing Engagements {Joey + Cami}

05 11 2015

Utah offers us a variety picturesque scenic views and we love the way Lindsey of Lindsey Shaun Photography incorporated this stunning view into this darling engagement session! Joey and Cami floated out into the lake on a canoe for a romantic evening on the water. Adventurous couples are always the most fun.Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0058Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0059Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0060Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0061Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0062Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0063Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0064Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0065Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0066Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0067Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0069Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0074Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0077Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0078Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0080Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0081Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0082Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0085Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0086Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0087Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0089Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0094Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0095Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0096Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0101Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0102Lindsey-Shaun-Photography_0104

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